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June 29th, 2012 | by Evan Hall

That’s right, we’re live blogging a draft in which the Jazz have no first round draft picks and almost certainly no prospects for changing that. But someone had to record the chilly reception the Jazz Bear’s Harley-powered entrance got from Jazz fans here at ESA. Don’t test us, Bear. We may be here without a first round pick, but we don’t have to be happy about it.

6:13 PM – Evan Hall (@the20thmaine)

We’re seven picks in here, and no one outside of the Washington Wizards war room is happy. The Blazers have just selected Damian Lillard, sending any Jazz fans who were holding out for a trade into the first round for Lillard into a temporary but nonetheless very real depression. Furthermore, the Golden State Warriors have been rewarded for their shameless tankapalooza by nabbing a free-falling Harrison Barnes with the seventh pick (who would, I should note, have perfectly fit many of the Jazz’s offseason needs this year).

6:19  – Jackson Rudd (@ruddsky)

Terrence Ross went 8th to Toronto, the pick that was rightfully Utah’s all along.  Unfortunately, after karma itself died of massive heart failure as Golden State went on to steal back their draft pick through a combination of deceit, ineptitude, and mockery of the game of basketball- which turned into a steal with Harrison Barnes falling- it ended up going to Toronto.  They might have reached on Ross, but at least he’s the best dressed guy in the draft room.  To honor the occasion of our lost chance at lottery glory, the Jazz Bear ran out onto the floor and sprayed everyone with silly string.  Thanks, Bear.

7:03 PM – Evan

We have yet to see a single trade during this draft, the Jazz front office appears to have decided on taking this one laying down, and Jazz fans at the ESA are shooting roughly 15% from the free throw line on the night. Surprisingly, of the three of those recent developments, I’m most disappointed at the third. Two hours ago, I confidently believed that in a head-to-head contest between a random selection of Jazz fans and Andre Drummond (shot 29% from the line in his freshman year) in a free throw shooting contest, the Jazz fans would win. I was wrong. Really, really wrong.

7:23 – Jackson

19 picks in and Perry Jones and Jared Sullinger are still on the board.  This doesn’t make any sense.  Now Denver might do something inexplicable and Boston could land both of those guys with 21 and 22 which might possibly be the most outrageous draft luck I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  The good news is that we are under 30 picks to go until we reach number 47, which is actually strangely exciting to me even though Scott Machado and Kim English will probably be taken by then and all my draft dreams will officially have been shattered.

7:40 – Evan

Point guards are dropping through the draft like rain. Tony Wroten Jr. and Marquis Teague are still on the board on Pick 23. Also, rumors are that the Mavs are shopping one or some of their three picks later in the round. Without a trade, Scott Machado (the consensus choice of Salt City Hoops writers for our #47 pick) could be available, and with a trade, Wroten or even Perry Jones III are on the board. Hope lives at the Energy Solutions Arena.

8:24 – Jackson

We have almost survived the first round even without any signs of life from the Jazz.  Perry Jones fell down to 28, and with every pick he dropped, all Jazz fans wondered if KOC would trade a future first to land him (because he could actually play SF in Utah, which is exactly what he wants and would thrive doing).  Of course, he ended up landing with the Thunder because the Thunder always do the smart thing.  I’m going to emotionally hibernate for the next ten picks for my own self-preservation.  Scott Machado is already number 8 on Jay Bilas’ list of best players available and that is certainly not encouraging.

9:13 – Evan

Kevin O’Connor just walked out and informed us all that the Jazz will be drafting Kevin Murphy from Tennessee Tech. Kevin Murphy is not Scott Machado, so give us a few moments to grieve before we wikipedia Kevin Murphy and scrounge together some analysis.

 9:22 – Evan

Kevin Murphy: Guard, played four years at Tennessee Tech University, shot 42% frm three during his senior season and averaged 21 points, 5 boards, and 2 assists. He isn’t on wikipedia. We struggled to come to terms with this pick, but in case you’re worried about a no-name pick, here’s a YouTube video that might convert you to Kevin Murphy. Or if not convert, at least console you.

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