Comments on: 3 Things to Look Forward to in the Quin Snyder Era The ESPN TrueHoop Utah Jazz Site Wed, 17 Sep 2014 07:04:08 +0000 hourly 1 By: Mewko Sun, 15 Jun 2014 19:05:05 +0000 Quin Snyder has better hair than Jim Boylen.

By: ScotsJazzFanIn London Fri, 13 Jun 2014 17:35:35 +0000 One thing I did note about Quin and defense when Snyder was appointed was the fact the he has decided to take responsibility for the defense coaching himself instead of delegating that responsibility to a separate Defense Specialist. We will find out later in time if that is a wise decision but you have to give him credit for him taking that responsibility on at a time when Lindsay has been stressing the importance of building a good defensive base.

On another matter entirely, I still think it was a blunder by the organization to let Demarre Carroll go last summer. His NBA development may have kicked on in Atlanta under Quin’s guiding hand, but he was already starting to make a name for himself in Utah, and his junkdog qualities were missed many times throughout the season. His intangibles, his never give up attitude are invaluable to a young developing side that is learning how to fight for every win.

My biggest complaint of the Corbin era, other than the fact he just looked lost amongst the big coaching boys, was the offense lacked any sort of cohesive plan other than lob it to the big guy. I wanted to give him time to work a new system together and attempted to be understanding considering we lost what was a great PG with no replacement. However the Corbin era’s offense was hard to watch. You have athletic guys like Favors & Hayward being under utilised, players stopped moving when the ball got stationary, which seemed to be just about every run up the floor. A team that moves, that creates space for one another will be exciting to watch once again. How many times have fans blamed Hayward for not hitting his shots, when the ball has been thrown up near the end of the shot clock after the ball has been stationary and the opposing team’s defense had time to solidify. You can not expect the players to get good percentage shots if the ball doesn’t move.

The players have had too much criticism, considering the coaches had 3 years to come up with a system that had the ball and players moving around. I’m curious to see how the players can perform, and what improvements can be made regarding shooting percentage if the team actually has an offense that moves the ball around.

As for Earl, I liked the role he had in pulling through Hayward, Evans, and later Favors through their rookie year season when the team was going through some turmoil with Sloan, Deron leaving and Corbin coming through. I have thought since then that he had a role as a development coach, would love to see him have a role behind the scenes in Utah.

By: Eric Paulsen (@ericpaulsen) Thu, 12 Jun 2014 21:39:22 +0000 Got it. Not allowed to talk about Coach’s hair. Not allowed to talk about Matt Harpring’s football career. Can we still meet in the middle and talk about Matt Harpring’s hair?

By: gotag Thu, 12 Jun 2014 02:38:42 +0000 I kinda think the hair thing is kinda funny, but I haven’t been around anyone who has extolled on Quin’s hair virtue and been more earnest than facetious.

On defense I am very hopeful that we are not just being sold a bill of goods. I would need a super computer to count the times Corbs told us stuff about how defense was so important.

By: LKA Wed, 11 Jun 2014 23:29:19 +0000 I think Ty should have been interm coach for at least the rest of Sloans season. Signing him for three years right off the bat was a bad mistake.
The hair thing and the football thing does not bother me. I just let it go over my head. I don’t mind the “Houdini” thing either.
I am excited about the working agreement with the Stampede..I have already mentioned I think they ought to give the coaching job there to Earl Watson..Even let each player rehab up there after a long injury. I have seen plenty of so-so players become much better with a development program.. When media started mentioning names of coaches the Jazz might pick I got on the Snyder bandwagon fast. It will be exciting to see what Lindsey does with the draft and free agency..