50 Questions 2013-2014 Will Answer

October 1st, 2013 | by Laura Thompson

Being a Jazz fan lately means asking a million questions. Luckily, this season is going to be very interesting as we watch the answers play out.

Here are my top 50 questions. What are yours?

1. What will the Win/Loss totals look like?

2. Will we be better or worse than the Lakers?

3. Will we luck out and get one of the top three picks in the stacked 2014 draft?

4. How closely will we be paying attention to Golden State’s record, hoping for another good pick?

5. Will Enes Kanter please wear a Spongebob t-shirt again?

6. Or maybe Finding Nemo?

7. Or maybe one of the minions from Despicable Me?

8. Who will become the more vocal leader: Gordon Hayward or Derrick Favors?

9. Will Alec Burks start or be the top scorer off the bench?

10. How many times after each game will Ty Corbin say the players were “tremendous” at something?

11. How many corner threes will the Jazz shoot?

12. How many 20/20 games will Kanter have?

13. How many ankles will Trey Burke break with his crossover?

14. Will Andris Biedrins score more points this year than last year?

15. Will Favors develop a go-to move?

16. How many corner threes will the Jazz give up?

17. How many variations of a beard will Gordon Hayward display this season?

18. How many threes will Ian Clark attempt per game?

19. How many alleyoops will Jeremy Evans finish this year?

20. What will Rudy Gobert’s career high for blocks in a game be after this season?

21. Will Richard Jefferson be able to resurrect his career now that he’s wearing #24 again?

22. Will we mourn the loss of our last #24 the next time we play in Miami?

23. Who on earth are some of these folks on the training camp roster?

24. Will Marvin Williams be able to find an effective role within the offense this year?

25. Will Trey Burke take to heart Stockton’s advice about getting teammates involved early, and that being a good passer will make one a better shooter?

26. Will Brandon Rush become the 3-and-D player we need to help play defense and stretch defenses?

27. Will we cry when Richard Jefferson or Brandon Rush start over one of our beloved Core 5?

28. Who will be the leading scorer for the Jazz this year?

29. Will we be sad each time we play the Suns and see Jeff Hornacek manning the other team?

30. Will either Hayward or Favors get an extension signed before the season starts?

31. Am I just trolling to get @JazzAM1600 and @PeterJNovak involved?

32. How many times during the year will The Mailman work out with the bigs?

33. Will we see any more pictures of Kanter and Malone fishing?

34. Please?

35. Will Derrick Favors force his way into contention for DPOY?

36. How many days behind will Matt Harpring’s tweets be this season?

37. Will Hayward become the jack-of-all-trades player we hoped Andrei Kirilenko would be?

38. Will we be paying attention to March Madness more intently than ever before?

39. How will we feel when we see AK and Deron Williams in Nets uniforms at the ESA?

40. Will we care about the Hawks more than we ever have with Kyle Korver, Paul Millsap, and DeMarre Carroll on the team?

41. How many game-winning shots will Trey Burke hit?

42. Can Jeremy Evans find a way to repeat last year’s awesome block on Ronnie Turiaf followed by that awesome dunk?

43. In LA again?

44. Please?

45. Is this the most excited you’ve been for the season to start in a long time?

46. Not just me?

47. Will Andrei Kirilenko stay healthy this season?

48. When we get a top 3 pick in 2014, are we thinking championship in 2016?

49. Will anyone be surprised if Kanter ends up being the team’s leading scorer?

50. Will Hayward or Burke average more assists?

I can’t wait for the season. What about you?

Laura Thompson

Laura Thompson

Laura was a Jazz fan since diapers, even growing up in California. Her favorite things in life are the Utah Jazz, food (whether cooking or consumption of), reading, church, black Labs, and the beach--though possibly not in that order.
Laura Thompson

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