A brief introduction to the rookies

June 27th, 2011 | by Spencer Hall

In case you haven’t seen these yet, here are some nice clips of new rookies Enes “Rhymes With Tennis” Kanter and Alec Burks.

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  1. nickyjam says:

    Enes Kanter’s footwork and craftiness in the paint is phenomenal for a 19 year old, I don’t care who he’s playing against. Not to mention he can step out and hit from deep as well. He’s alse seems to be a relentlessness rebounder, which we desperately need.

    Alec Burks’ game has definite potential. The guy can do a lot of things on the court. His poor jump shooting seems to be a function of poor balance. He shoots a lot of off-balance Js, which he usually misses, but when he’s squared up and under control, his shot is fine. Horny will work his magic. If he could become a nice wing defender ,the kid will be a steal at 12 and will have a nice career in this league.

    I’m pumped to watch this kids join the young talent we already have, whenever that day is…

    • Mark Hollins Sr. says:

      Utah Jazz fans, believe me when I say that you got the Biggest steal of the NBA 2011 Draft. I have known Alec Burks since he was 8 years old, and he is the Real Deal. Please don’t sleep on this young man. It’s like Magic Johnson once said, if you are at a Utah Jazz game this upcoming season, when Alec Burks is in the game, do not take your eyes off the game and reach for the popcorn. Because i will guarantee that you will miss something very special. I would not be surprised if he goes on to win the ROY award with several Allstar invites during his NBA career.

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