Al Jefferson’s Gigantic Bed Sets the Internet on Fire

October 10th, 2012 | by Spencer Hall

So last week I came across a crazy picture of an invoice for a gigantic 10′ x 12′ bed set that was about to be delivered to a certain Al Jefferson of Salt Lake City. I tweeted out the following:

A few days later, Mo Williams posted pictures of the bed on instagram and twitter:


There are probably good reasons for a professional athlete of gigantic proportions to buy a gigantic bed. But a $23,000 bed better be able to cook breakfast and drive you to work, is all I’m saying. It was definitely poor timing to have the pictures come out the day after the ESPN debut of “Broke,” a documentary about how professional athletes lose their money.

As Herm Edwards said in the documentary, some athletes have champagne taste but beer money. Al Jefferson is one who is making legitimate champagne money, but if the picture below is any indication, I think he paid champagne money for a beer-level bed. Not even Memory Foam!


The invoice is itemized and appears to charge $10,000 for the mattress alone. Is the bed frame made out of solid gold? What is the thread count for sheets that cost $900? They even gave him a $6,000 discount–probably for purchasing their “Bed the Size of a Normal Apartment Package.” Is the bed flavored? Can it sing you to sleep? So many questions.

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  1. Flying V says:

    the Bed is memory foam you doofus.

    • Spencer Hall says:

      Um, except it isn’t. The pictures from the guy who built the bed say “$10,000 bed and it’s not even memory foam.”

  2. John Thalmer says:

    Memory foam or not, the bed at the bottom clearly looks much smaller than the one in the tweet photo, so there is no way they are the same. Regardless, if it helps him sleep better, then he is putting his money in a smarter place than most excessively blinged out athletes!

    • Spencer Hall says:

      It’s possible it isn’t the same bed, but it cost $10,000 as well, so I’m assuming it’s the bed in question. To be clear, I don’t care how the guys spend their money. I’m not here to give any lectures or to moralize on the topic. I spent $14 on pair of socks yesterday, so I’m the last person to judge. That being said, it’s an eye-catching price tag for a bed in any world. It was worth sharing.

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  4. Doug Isaacson says:

    1. Never trade Big Al, for he is our best recruiter of Southern gravy, let alone 2. one of the four best low-post/back-to-the-basket NBA scorers (an assistant GM). 3. Who else shoots a better mid-range Jazzy jumper? 4. Trade Enes, Marvin and Raja for Roy Hibbert. Enes quit rebounding and Hibbert is lazy: a matching-deserving trade. DEI

  5. Al Jefferson’s Gigantic Bed Sets are reliable but expensive. Why the prices are going higher. Are they out of there mind

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