Blake Show returns to Salt Lake

February 1st, 2012 | by Spencer Hall

Hot on the heels of his ridiculously ferocious dunk against Oklahoma City on Monday, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul return to Salt Lake Wednesday night to attempt to exorcise the Clipper demons occupying the ESA. 42 losses out of the last 43 games for the Clip Joint in SLC, but Paul was absent two weeks ago when the Jazz demolished LA by 29 points.

Check out my contribution to today’s 5-on-5 panel on as we talk Jazz/Clips and Thunder/Mavs. Marc Stein, Kevin Arnovitz, Graydon Gordian, and Royce Young round out the five.

In honor of Griffin’s dunk, here are several classic Jazz dunks:

Here’s Griffin’s dunk, for posterity’s sake:

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