Boozer stays, Brewer goes

February 18th, 2010 | by Spencer Hall

The Jazz have apparently traded Ronnie Brewer to the Memphis Grizzlies in exchange for a protected 2010 draft pick.

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  1. bill mussleman says:

    This is a horrible move, Trading a productive young gun and keeping a soon to walk loozer. what are the jazz brass thinking? oh yeah with their wallets.

  2. Kelley says:

    Bill, you obviously don’t understand that the NBA is a business. When a team fails, it MOVES. Good move Miller! We’ll miss Brewer, but it had to be done.

  3. It’s sad to see him go, but it’s hard to accuse the Millers of not being willing to spend money. The Jazz have one of the highest payrolls in the league and already took a chance on Paul Millsap as well as all the other main players. Can’t blame the organization for doing what they need to do to stay in business, but it’s sad to see Brewer go. Best of luck to Ronnie in Memphis.

  4. jackson says:

    brewer is young but matthews and miles are younger and have more potential. korver has a good shot and has helped our team chemistry a lot. i will miss brewer and his crooked shot and his milk mustache and his hustle, but we got a first round pick and i don’t see memphis making the playoffs next year even with brewer so possibly its a top ten.

  5. jazzfan2009 says:

    I agree with Bill on this one. It was one of the dumbest moves the Jazz organization could have done. I understand that they needed to clear some space, but they could have traded Korver. Its not like we got anything from the trade. Also, its a protected draft pick, so we can’t get into the lottery with the pick anyways. So basically, Utah just got rid of the ONLY player Jazz have that could guard Kobe Bryant for a crappy draft pick that Sloan won’t play anyways. Matthews has potential and I would start him now, but Miles has proven time and time again that he sucks and can’t be counted on. Once again, Utah has pulled a dumb move and now our only athletic players are Deron and Millsap. Deron is not hapy about it either. It was a dumb move and I really am disappointed in Greg Miller, Kevin O’Connor, and the rest of the organization.

  6. It’s definitely disappointing, but here’s how I see it: Brewer was kind of like one of the ATVs you buy after you’re paying for four cars — in this case two luxury SUVs and two foreign cars that are fun but high-maintenance. The ATV is fun and you love having it around but when money gets tight it gets tough to really use it. It’s a luxury, and when you can barely afford to keep the cars, the ATV doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    Now, jazzfan2009’s comment about chemistry might be the real price. Extending the ATV idea, you might save money by selling the ATV but what if those weekends at the sand dunes were what kept your family together? Would it be worth the price for a better relationship? Like I said earlier, I can’t blame the Millers for taking care of their money (especially with Toyota basically kicking their dealerships in the teeth) but you might be right about the collateral damage to team chemistry.

    As for being a Kobe-stopper, with all due respect to Ronnie, there’s no way he was the answer to the Laker problem.


    …carlos boozer begged the jazz not to trade him. why would he walk? Brewer was unnecessary. 3 guys on the team can take his place. First on that list would be C.J. Miles. Second, Wes Matthews and third Kyle Korver. Brewer doesn’t really fit cause he can’t make the 3’s off of deron’s dirves and out of Boozer’s post ups. And Bill musselman if you mean productive is 9.5 ppg in 31.5mpg I’m not too sure what to think about that.

    And Jazzfan2009, if you don’t think Wes Matthews is athletic than you are severely mistaken.

    Like I said, ronnie is athletic and solid at defense. BUT if Jerry Sloan has been playing an UNDRAFTED ROOKIE in Wes Matthews for major minutes then clearly there is a reason for it (he plays defense and is as tough as anybody). Sloan doesn’t exactly play rookies too much to say the least. If Jerry Sloan has faith in matthews then I think he deserves a shot.
    not to mention Wes is averaging 8.1ppg in 21.5mpg and shooting 78% free throw percentage compared to Brewer’s abysmal 63%. Wes is shooting 47%fg. Ronnie 49%. not much difference. 3PT Wes is a whole 11% better at 36%. Efficiency isn’t much different.
    Sorry for the entire stat line but I think if you guys look at the big picture the trade is entirely worth it.

  8. Isaac says:

    For those of you talking about CJ Miles being a great fit for Brewer’s spot, are you crazy? The second the Jazz can let CJ loose they will. He’s had ‘potential’ his entire career. He has never come even close to reaching that ‘potential’ and likely never will. I don’t know much about Mathews, so I will reserve judgement on him until he’s played for a while.

  9. cw says:

    Brewer not a good fit on this team. Need 3 point shooting from the 2. Offense from the 2 and 3 is the Jazz’s big weakness. Korver and Mathews better, with Mathews being also way cheaper and jsut as good on defense. You trade brewer you get a draft pick, get closer o the salrey cap, you make room for players the fit better into what you are doing…. It’s not that I don’t like Ronnie Brewer but they need more than 9pts per game from their 2 guard.

  10. Thos C says:

    Brewer was one the intangibes that didn’t hit the stats. He was athletic and a hustler. That draft pick is just another Oconnor blunder. Jerry will get to train another player for some other team like he has everytime they were going to have to pay a young talent look around the league alot of young once Jazz players. Want t save money get rid of Oconnor hes the problem the Jazz dont get any better.

  11. GH says:

    I was shocked by the move, especially given the timing. We’ve been playing great lately, so I didn’t understand why we would mess with that. I agree with Thos: Ronnie’s value couldn’t be measured in points alone. As mentioned above, he wasn’t the answer to the Lakers, but realistically, who else do we have that can match up with any of the other elite 2’s or 3’s in the West other than Ronnie? I love Korver, but he isn’t going to lock down anybody defensively, CJ shows glimpses but not the consistency or effort that Ronnie brought every night. Matthews is no doubt going to be a major contributor for years to come. But he could still have had that role and opportunity had we kept Ronnie.

    Like I said before, I don’t look at Ronnie’s value on points alone, or FT percentage. Additionally, as far as I’m concerned, we already have 3 point shooting from the 2 spot with Matthews and Korver. CJ or Korver, to me, would have made more sense to move. I would much rather have one defensive stopper than a jump shooting specialist. I just fear that the move makes us more of a finesse team on the perimeter and more one-dimensional on the wings. Ronnie’s tough, and I’m going to miss his physical nature as a compliment to our bigs inside.

    It drives me nuts watching Booz, Millsap or Fes working their tails off inside, then one of the wings, usually CJ, missing a box out or getting out-hustled for loose balls. That never happened with Ronnie. He will be missed not only for the plays that he made, but also for the mistakes that he did not make.

    With Ronnie in the games, I felt more confident that nothing crazy was going to happen. With some of the other wings, I never felt as confident in their effort or decision making.

    Kind of off topic, but a look at Memphis reveals Ronnie, Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo. Ironically, Ronnie may be the only one of our wings that can guard Gay or Mayo. That team is loaded with athletic wings, and we just gave them our best athlete on the wing.

  12. Kelley says:

    To those proposing that we trade Miles/Korver instead of Brewer: Nobody wanted them.

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