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December 28th, 2011 | by Spencer Hall

The Maya are probably wrong about the world ending in 2012, but the Miller-owned Mayan restaurant in Salt Lake is already closed–and after last night’s debacle in Los Angeles, it’s looking like an apt metaphor to describe any enthusiasm for an exciting Jazz season.

The restaurant was overpriced, didn’t have good food, and had uninteresting performers. I’m worried that a similar formula might be in play with the Jazz this year.

Luckily for the Jazz, the bitter taste of the embarrassing defeat on Opening Night can’t linger for long. The shortened season means it’s on to Denver and game with the Nuggets tonight. Memories have to be short, but the dull thud of boring loss after boring loss is the perfect cadence for an apathetic lullaby.

After watching last night’s game, it’s clear the Jazz are in big trouble this season. I’m not a trading man, but at this point (after one game!) I would be open to nearly any trade. There isn’t a single player in a Utah uniform who can really drive interest. Big Al certainly isn’t doing it, and none of the new pieces seem to have a flair for the right kind of dramatic.

Even bad restaurants can be enjoyable, but they have to bring something to the table.

Here’s to a better showing in Denver!

Game 2:
December 28, 2011
Pepsi Center, 7pm Mountain
TV: Root Sports (693 Comcast. Here’s a nearly worthless list of channel guides by provider, too.)

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  1. Larry says:

    With a team this young and inexperienced when it comes to playing together and playing in the Jazz system, the shortened preseason will really hurt their development. The early part of the season, may very well be ugly, as the team grows and begins to develop. That being said, this team has looked much better against Denver (even though they still got blown out) and Philly, then they did opening night in L.A. After the frustrating season that we sat through last year, it will be easy to get down and start clamoring for change, but remember, especially with the changes to the defensive philosophy, these guys have had less than two weeks to get to know the offense/defense and their roles in it.

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