David Locke replaces Hot Rod Hundley as radio voice of the Jazz

July 20th, 2009 | by Spencer Hall

The Jazz played with everyone’s emotions and announced a big press conference today, only to let us all down with a simple announcement of the new radio voice to replace Hot Rod Hundley.

Here’s the announcement of David Locke of the Jazz flagship radio station KFAN 1320 as he becomes only the second person to be the full-time voice of the Jazz on the radio. It’s always been Hot Rod until now.

As I mentioned on twitter, here’s hoping the rough travel and long hours will somehow transform Locke’s voice into something I can actually listen to without wanting to smash my head into the wall. It’s nothing but love for his work, but sometimes I wish he’d try a fake radio voice just to see if it sounds better.

In his defense, he’s a lifelong Jazz fan who grew up following the team and loves the NBA and the Utah Jazz. He was also complimented by the Jazz brass for his experience with social media. So hopefully that means he’ll be posting videos featuring keyboard cat playing Kobe Bryant off the court. We can only hope!

Best of luck to Locke.

Spencer Hall
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