Deron Williams trade

February 23rd, 2011 | by K.Malphurs

My first impressions of the trade of Deron Williams to the Nets for Derrick Favors, Devin Harris and two first round picks are below:

  • First impression is positive. The Jazz couldn’t afford to be “Lebroned” and to get what they did from the Nets looks to be a fair deal.
  • Normally, I don’t like trading a quarter for two dimes, but I feel like all things consider Kevin O’Connor did a great job. My only regret is that he didn’t do this earlier in the year before the Jazz lost Coach Sloan.
  • Can an organization known for its stability have a crazier few weeks than the Jazz?
  • The Jazz are now a better defensive team. Deron Williams was an extremely talented offensive player, but defensively he had regressed. This was my own opinion from watching the Jazz play and the data on seems to support it considering the Jazz are 10.24 points per 100 possesion better when Deron Williams was off the court. Not that +/- is the end all be all, but it is worth noting that he was the worst Jazz defender based on that.
  • The Jazz are going to go from a bad 3 point shooting team (34% is 21st in the league) to an even worse 3 point shooting team. Deron Williams is a career 35.8% three point shooter compared to Devin Harris’ 30% mark from behind the line. How is this going to affect their offense.
  • Harris has been an above-average NBA point guard during his time in the league. As such he is paid as an above-average NBA point guard. His salary over the next 2.5 years is reasonable at $9.3M next year and $8.5M the following year.
  • Derrick Favors will probably be the player that makes or breaks this trade. He is only 19 and is already a solid power forward. His WS/48 is 0.09, which is right below the average NBA player of 0.10. In the immediate future he should help the Jazz with their rebounding considering his TRB% of 16.2% would be the highest on the Jazz team. In the long term his rookie contract is very favorable to the Jazz considering the natural progression one should expect from a 19 year old forward.
  • I like the Jazz getting depth on the front court to match up with teams like the Lakers. Of course this comes at the expense of their backcourt. I really wished a Jazz trade would bring along a shooting guard who was at least average. Raja Bell’s time as a starter in this league should be coming to an end.
  • A lot of this trade will depend on the 1st round picks the Jazz get. Will they be high and will the team actually make any good picks? If those picks turn into Morris Almond and Kosta Koufus 2.0 then that will obviously be a disappointment.

Overall I am pleased and wish Deron Williams well in New Jersey. He played well for the Jazz for 5.5 years and even with the Sloan situation he was a great draft pick for the team. Of course I think it can now definitely be written that the Jazz should have drafted Chris Paul.

Anyway, those are my quick thoughts on this trade. Any other thoughts?


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  1. Ted says:

    “Of course I think it can now definitely be written that the Jazz should have drafted Chris Paul.”

    That’s a lot hindsight there.

    Deron helped get the Jazz to the Western Conference finals and has been more injury free than Paul too. Not to mention, Chris Paul doesn’t look anymore likely to stay in his current situation either.

  2. Mo says:

    Yeah Williams helped the Jazz get to the WC Finals, with the help of Carlos Boozer. It was Boozer that was the biggest factor in getting past Houston and then while Deron had a great series against the Spurs, the Jazz ended up getting SWEPT iirc. Deron has had less injuries than Paul but Paul has always been the better player OVERALL. But like Ted said, it’s not likely that Paul will stay in his current situation either. Unless the new CBA stops him from going elsewhere, he’s likely to go elsewhere as well.

  3. Ev says:

    Overall I like the deal and here’s my two bits. First, although I totally agree that the trade was for fair value (and includes a good upgrade on defense) I wish that KOC was more of a negotiator. He should be commended for his consistency and for excellent drafting in the second round (though the first is another question) I can’t help but wonder what we could have got if the availability of Deron was floated to the media and various fan bases began clamoring for him. At the very least it may have upped the number of draft picks included and if Isiah somehow got involved NJ may have also sent us B Lopez. My second point is that even if the Jazz thought they could keep DWill they should have traded him. The main reason is because of the new CBA. The cap will be harder and the ability for teams to keep their stars will be enhanced. All of that means that the key beginning next year the draft will be more and more important. If the Jazz kept DWill we would continue to muddle around the edge of the playoffs resulting in an influx GHayward type mid round picks. We will have two lottery picks this year that we can couple with Favors. If we ship out Kirilenko/Jefferson/Millsap for a young upgrade on the wing those will be some great pieces to grow with, a la Oklahoma City. Who knows, maybe Barnes and/or Irving will fall to us or we’ll get a high lottery pick or two. Hope springs eternal.

  4. Zeiram says:

    My additional thoughts:

    Time to go bold, why stop trading now:

    Harris and Jefferson for Miller and Oden and parts to make it work, maybe work Fernandez in there somehow.

    Make it a high risk high reward situation which would still be financially responsible.

    Who´s with me? *looks around* No one?

  5. Gandhi says:

    Pretty shocked to see this go down (especially from a management that is normally very conservative). I think the value of this trade as stated, really depends on 1) Favor’s development as a player 2) Getting good 1st round picks. Could be an incredibly bright future if those 2 things pan out, or we’ll be kicking ourselves in a few years. Overall a pretty fair deal.
    The real question is though: How much closer are we to being a championship contender? The front office has to be really careful about where we go from here. The Jazz have some solid role players but we’re going to need an all star or two to get the title. I’m okay with it, if that means waiting a year or 2 to become a true force in the western conference. I think one of those will likely have to be a draft (from our picks), the other will need to come by trade, especially since Utah’s a hard place to attract Free Agents to. Our most viable options for that include Kirilenko (and the “all star worthy” contract he has), Millsap, or Jefferson. I like all of these players and dearly wish that we could keep them all, but with Favor’s in town, someone’s likely to go. We really need an upgrade at the 2-3 spot, and/or a defensive center. Any ideas of who we could get reasonably?

  6. Zeiram says:


    Look at my trade idea right there, defensive center, 2-guard and cap flex.

  7. Excelsior Missile says:

    “Utah should have drafted Chris Paul?” You’re surely joking. The NBA, at the moment, is about two things for the modern star: Brand and Business. No NBA player was going to pick Salt Lake City over cities on either coast unless there was simply no way to get away. The general public thinks Anthony is a better player, and that is largely because few people outside of the WConference have seen as much of Williams. Paul would be putting the exact same pressure on the franchise as Williams did, with the added problem that Paul’s 4 man (West) is still in NO this year, whereas Williams’ is playing in Chicago. Once Boozer had left, Paul in an UTA uniform would have also forced his way off the team, and would have done it with much less class than Williams did. (See the Champagne toast and all the drama this summer in NO).

    Williams is healthier, bigger, and probably a better defender as well.

    If anyone should be blamed for the departure of Williams, it rests with O’Connor and company making the draft decisions. The inability to have a single decent draft pick since Williams certainly didn’t help matters. What was UTA going to acquire in the next year that would have made them a better team?

  8. Jovan says:

    I’m a freshman at USC majoring in print journalism, but NBA writing in particular. Please check out my analysis and thoughts on the trade! Thanks!

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