Despite Lyles’ 26, Jazz Summer Squad Loses Close One to Celtics

July 5th, 2016 | by Angie Treasure
AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

Boston Celtics’ James Young (13) defends Utah Jazz’s Trey Lyles (41) during the first half of an NBA summer league basketball game Tuesday, July 5, 2016, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Summer League (suh-mer leeg, Latin origin1): July basketball-like pursuits played by rosters of mostly marginal league guys for the evaluation of staffs and enjoyment of fans. Small sample sizes derived therein are subject to be overly scrutinized, agonized over, and ultimately made a fuss of.

So here we go.

The Jazz SL squad was unable to keep their halftime lead against the clover-clad Boston team and ultimately fell, 89 to 82. James Young led the way for the Celtics, scoring 17 points, making four of his five attempted three-pointers.

Defense! *stomp stomp* Defense!

Much of the Jazz’s woes against the Spurs yesterday had to do with their inability to keep them out of the paint, where the San Atones tallied 40 of their 90 total points. Today, the Celtics shot 14/25 in the paint for 28 points to the Jazz’s 38, though ultimately turnovers2 and free throws3 gave them the edge.

Here’s what Summer League coach Johnnie Bryant had to say about the defensive effort:

“We cleaned up, basically, them not scoring in the paint, but then once they get to the paint, we have got to do a better job of showing their hands and being disciplined to where they don’t make 27 free throws and shoot 37 free throws.”

Trey Talk

Trey Lyles, the second year power forward out of Kentucky, looked mighty impressive in his second Jazz Summer League game of the year, scoring 26 points on 21 shots, racking up 11 rebounds4, dishing 2 assists and sinking 9 of his 10 free throws.

Trey was noticeably more aggressive than he was in the first game vs. the Spurs, getting into the paint, which resulted in either free throws or points, much of the time. Trey is very skilled for a guy his size. His footwork5 was particularly fun to watch SL squads try to defend. One sequence even resulted in a nifty jam. He looked comfortable in the post and feeding him there often led to good things.

He finished through contact for and-1s, had more of the rebound-and-go stuff that y’all KNOW I’m into, and is getting really good at faking at the three-point line and dribbling around the defender until he gets to the rim.

He’s still having some issues defensively, something he brushed off in his postgame interview, but it’s noticeable on the court. He’ll body up to guys when they push him in the paint, but he gets backed down often and either fouls6 or the man with the ball is able to create enough distance and get close enough to the rim to score, relatively undeterred. Learning to keep his ground in the paint is something to watch for, particularly against NBA talent.

Trey did say it was valuable to get some experience as a leader of a team, saying, “I’m embracing it a lot. I take the loss personally because I’m the leader of this team. They all look to me for guidance. I’m definitely trying to embrace the role and trying to do the best I can.”

The Draftees

Let’s check in with the Jazz’s 2016 late second-rounders, shall we?

Joel Bolomboy: 5 points, 1 rebound in 11:23
Marcus Paige: 7 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist in 20:43 adorable7 minutes
Tyrone Wallace: 4 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists in 19:33

Bolomboy looked much more aggressive during this stint, though he struggled noticeably with his handle in traffic and shot poorly from the line, going 3/6. The aggression is good, though, and while it may result in some stuffs and turnovers in the early part of his career, you hope the coaching staff is able to accumulate enough data to better learn how to tweak his game and make him a serviceable NBA player.

Marcus Paige still looks so, so small out there, but his shot is pretty smooth and he’s a good talker, on and off the court. He got in a rhythm in the first quarter and had some swagger to go along with it.

Tyrone is a really nice rebounding guard and did well for himself in traffic. The three isn’t falling for him yet, but he was one of the only guys on the team to have a positive plus/minus, ending with a team-high of 6. His 6’6” frame is really nice for switching defensively and bothering smaller guards.

Miscellanous Fun!8

Rudy Gobert took over the Jazz Twitter account, which is always fun. That resulted in him throwing shade at Alec and making some solid jokes.

Please, can we not compare Rudy’s internet presence to Enes’s? Rudy is so, so much better.

Rudy is also very, very tall and him holding Jazz assistant coach’s baby Lucie was both adorable and a little jarring. He probably could’ve palmed her.9

she’s never looked tinier. we love uncle Rudy!

A photo posted by natalie hill jensen (@nataliehilljensen) on

Other Jazzmen hanging around Summer League included Gordon Hayward10 and Derrick Favors. Both got a rousing round of applause when showed on the Viv’s megatron.

Other random stuff, the game was officiated by FOUR referees. This could be something the league is legitimately trying out. All in favor?11

Next game is against the Sixers on Thursday up at the U. Here are some game highlights for your consumption!

Angie Treasure

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