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December 18th, 2009 | by Spencer Hall

Deron Williams was a guest in the TNT studio last night with Ernie, Kenny, and Charles. Deron didn’t have much to say, but Barkley called him the best point guard in the NBA and Kenny agreed.

Charles goes over his Booze rant from last week, and Deron does his best to answer without selling anyone out. The most interesting part for me, however, was watching the guys go after Deron for answers on why the team is so inconsistent and can’t win on the road. They clearly think the Jazz have the potential to be in the Western Conference Finals and were trying to get Deron to give a solid answer. Unfortunately the conversation moved on and Deron escaped the hot seat, which is too bad because it was probably the closest Jazz fans have been to seeing the light go on in the mind of the team leaders that mediocrity (or worse) on the road is unacceptable for a team with this much talent.

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  1. Vic De Zen says:

    Not the first time they’ve called him the best PG in the NBA. Would they say that if CP3 was sitting there?

  2. Kelvin Cato says:

    I think they lose on the road because there is nothing to do in SLC and the players indulge when they’re out of town. Am I right?

  3. ralphredimix says:

    Charles doesn’t even think before he says anything. Put a donut in front of him and it’ll be the greatest donut in the history of the world.

  4. don says:

    charles Barkley said it.

    charles Barkley.


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