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April 15th, 2009 | by Spencer Hall


Ross Siler said everything that needs to be said about the way the Jazz finished the regular season last night. Boozer came through with the heart-of-a-champion quote:

We don’t back down from any challenges,” Carlos Boozer said. “We haven’t all season.

O RLY? Young Ken had the appropriate response to Boozer’s boring comment:

Ummm, yes, you have, Carlos. That’s why you’re an eighth-seed. Denver challenged your team; it backed down. San Antonio challenged your team; it backed down. Dallas challenged your team; it backed down; Miami challenged your team; it backed down. Golden State—all seven players!—challenged your team; it backed down. Minnesota challenged your team—in YOUR house—and it backed down. And with one last, desperate opportunity to avoid becoming an eighth-seed, the Lakers challenged your team last night, and—surprise, surprise!—it backed down. The Jazz HAVE backed down—all season.

Excellent work Ken. And that’s why I’m calling on all Jazz fans to shift their allegiance with me to the Flash, who are opening the D-League Playoffs tonight vs. the Bakersfield Jam at 7:00 in Orem at the McKay Events Center.

Ridiculous Upside gets you up to speed with the game preview.

Just to cheer us all up a bit, I’ll re-link the famous Koufos-Fesenko Dance-Off:

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  1. Follow me to a winning road record.
    Follow me to a winning record vs .500 teams
    Follow me to the second round in the playoffs
    Follow me south to Orem, home of the Utah Flash
    Follow me to the 3rd row for just $7 ( yes lower bowl! )
    Follow me on monday at McKay Events Center at UVSC UVU @ 7pm

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