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November 3rd, 2009 | by Spencer Hall

First up, clarkpojo at SLC Dunk said everything I want to say after the latest fourth-quarter meltdown by the Jazz:

Millsap would be better if Boozer were gone.  But more importantly, Andrei Kirilenko would be better if Carlos were gone.  And the Jazz offense would be better if Carlos were gone.  He is slowing down the ball movement on the offensive side and he is failing to recognize double teams.  Is Paul Millsap ready to step in and be “the man” at the starting power forward spot?  At this point it doesn’t matter.  He deserves the chance.  And the fans deserve the chance to not have the Boozer drama hung over our heads.  Boozer isn’t an efficient offensive player anymore.  He settles for jumpers, doesn’t attack the basket and doesn’t draw fouls.

This season and this preview isn’t about Millsap anymore.  It’s about the elephant in the room.  Carlos Boozer.  I personally won’t put up with watching him any longer.  Will you?

Second of all, there was something sickening about watching the Rockets beat the Jazz at their own game: Hustle, heart, teamwork, attention to detail, etc. During the game there were a few comments on Twitter noticing that the Rockets have at least four players who would be perfect on the Jazz: Battier, Scola, Landry, Hayes. There’s probably room for a redheaded rookie and a 120 pound point guard who can put up 19 points on the road.

Naturally the recap of the game included this line:

Rookie Chase Budinger scored a career-high 17 points and was one of four Houston players with multiple 3-pointers as the Rockets beat the Utah Jazz 113-96 on Monday night.

One of these days I’m going to collect all the names of players who have posted career nights against the Jazz. It seems like every game is the Linas Kleiza 42-point game.

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