Game 33: Jazz beat the not-so-Pesky Timberwolves 106-84

January 3rd, 2013 | by Spencer Hall

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Three Things We Saw

  1. Kirilenko sort of got an ovation on his first visit back to SLC with his new team, but mostly no one in the crowd was paying attention and it was just a smattering of cheers.
  2. The Jazz locker room is a lot more fun after a win than after a loss. The highlight of the post-game was a faux argument between Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap about some dirty socks that neither wanted to claim. After we finally moved in to ask questions, Al Jefferson joined the scrum with a rolled up stat sheet as a microphone and asked Millsap a question:

    Al Jefferson: That steal that Al Jefferson got and then he looked up and gave you a great pass and you finished it?

    Paul Millsap: Um, I believe anybody that’s put in that same situation they would have gave me that pass. It was actually a terrible pass.

  3. Points in the Paint: Timberwolves 36, Jazz 56
    Second Chance Points: Timberwolves 16, Jazz 17
    Fastbreak Points: Timberwolves 8, Jazz 25
    Biggest Lead: Timberwolves 4, Jazz 23
    Lead Changes: 6
    Times Tied: 3
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