Is Good Defense Due To Player Skills or Scheme? – Salt City Hoops Podcast

January 31st, 2014 | by Andy Larsen
Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

On this week’s Salt City Hoops Podcast, Laura Thompson moderates a discussion between Ben Dowsett and Clint Johnson about defense. In particular, we’re concerned: the Bulls have built an excellent defense despite starting Carlos boozer. The Bobcats have built a good one despite having Al Jefferson. What’s going on? How much of defensive success is schematics, and how much is the individual players implementing that scheme? Salt City Hoops breaks it down.

Andy Larsen

Andy Larsen

Andy Larsen is the Managing Editor of Salt City Hoops, the ESPN TrueHoop affiliate for the Utah Jazz. He also hosts a radio show of the same name every Saturday on 1280 AM.
Andy Larsen

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  1. alex says:

    great show guys. loved the added focus and analysis. well moderated too. cheers

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