Jazz 99, Spurs 105

April 11th, 2009 | by Spencer Hall


And the Jazz bandwagon gets lighter. But as David Locke mentioned on the post-game radio show, the sad part is that Jazz fans are taking some solace in the fact that the team didn’t completely quit last night. We’ve reached the point where not quitting is seen as an improvement.

As a friend so eloquently put it this morning: It’s like falling for a girl in October, spending way too much time with her, some unexpected circumstances arrive that seem likely to derail the relationship but actually make you like her more (i.e. Boozer goes out and the team keeps rolling). Soon you’re making long term plans. Things get serious and you start thinking she might be the one. Now we’re at the point where you’ve taken pictures, sent announcements, and rented a reception hall.

But now things are a little off every time you’re together, and you can’t shake the feeling that she’s not going to show up to the wedding. She’s just not that interested, or she’s got something she’s not talking about.  Either way, it’s killing you because things were better than you’d ever imagined just a few months ago.

Hopefully the Jazz don’t let their body image issues play with their mind when they take on the younger model Lakers in the first round.

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