Jazz vs Knicks ESPN Dime Live Chat

March 29th, 2010 | by Spencer Hall

Spencer Hall
Founder Spencer Hall has covered the NBA, Team USA and NBA D-League since 2007 and launched Salt City Hoops in 2009. Spencer is now the news director at KSL.com
Spencer Hall
Spencer Hall

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  1. Jeff Stephens says:

    Hey. Just a little feedback. I think posting the ESPN Dime Live Chat is not helping your blog. 1: It is repurposed content, not original. 2: It is irrelevant and ugly. There is almost never anything about the Jazz in these chats. It is a ghastly ugly giant box of non-Jazz chat at the top of your Utah Jazz blog. It is distracting. 3: The format within the chat box itself is hard to read and follow a thread. 4: Reading original opinion or analysis is WAY WAY better than this ESPN crap. Does ESPN make you post this in exchange for membership in the TrueHoop Network? 5: It boils down to “what does this have to do with the Jazz?” It’s just clogging up your blog with ugly fat.

    Everything else is great. Thanks for the blog. That’s my one beef. Seriously, ditch the chat box. My eyes inevitably bounce away from it.

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