JazzRank Unveiled

October 14th, 2012 | by Evan Hall

Last week, we asked 12 Jazz bloggers to rank all 15 Jazz players from best to worst in a project we’re calling JazzRank. Over the next two weeks and leading up to opening night, we will be unveiling those rankings one by one along with a brief sketch of each player, culminating with a post on the Jazz player voted the best on the roster. In the final post, we’ll even make sure to include the twitter handles for every writer that voted, so you can troll the ones with whom you vehemently disagreed (you’re welcome, Jimbo’s Uncle).

Here’s how the voting worked: Each writer submitted his list of the best to worst Jazz players ranked from 1-15, and we allotted points in reverse order, with the Jazz player listed as #1 on the list receiving 15 votes, etc. All votes for former Jazz players and/or current Jazz coaches (I’m looking at you, Brandon) were duly noted and immediately discounted.

In case you’ve read this far and you’re still unsure that dousing the already raging fire of the Jazz Twitterverse with arbitrary and divise rankings is a good idea, let us quiet your fears and assuage your doubts: it most definitely isn’t. Enjoy!

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  1. DAN says:

    THIS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA. Do you even want to Jazz to win or play as a team.

  2. Evan Hall says:

    Don’t worry, Dan. We don’t have nearly enough hubris to believe that players would A) read this, B) take it seriously, and C) develop petty quarrels over who was ranked higher/lower on a list created by non-basketball entities.

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