Kaminsky’s Place in the Lottery

May 27th, 2015 | by Sponsored Content


There were no miracles for the Utah Jazz on lottery night as they ended up with the No. 12 overall pick for this year’s NBA Draft. But the quality of players being discussed as possible Utah picks really demonstrate how strong this draft class is.

The main question now is: who will the Jazz choose? The possibilities are endless at this point but the player that’s being talked about most right now is Frank Kaminsky. NBA sportsbook TopBet has released an official prop on where Kaminsky will be drafted, with Frank the Tank a -150 favorite to be picked by the 13th selection.

The 22-year-old turned heads in the recent NCAA tournament, leading Wisconsin to the national championship game. He had an exceptional season for the Badgers, leading the team not only in points (18.8 PPG) but also in rebounds (8.2 RPG), assists (2.6 APG) and blocks (1.5 BPG) as well.

What makes Kaminsky such an enticing pick is his ability to stretch the floor. He displayed his outstanding perimeter game in his last season with Wisconsin, shooting an incredible 41.6% (42-of-101) from beyond the arc. He has a vast array of moves in the paint as well and he’ll be the perfect complement to either Rudy Gobert or Derrick Favors who have proven to be defensive monsters for Utah this past season.

There’s always a place for a perimeter-oriented big man in the Jazz lineup and Kaminsky would perfectly fit that bill. He’ll provide the spacing the offense desperately needs and bring a new dimension to the team’s young and talented frontcourt.

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  1. Andrew says:

    I totally thought him leading in assists had to be a typo before I looked it up. He was also only 1 steal off the team lead in steals, too. That’s insane.

  2. LKA says:

    Lots of choices to get a good player. I like Kaminsky because he can play both big mans positions and take the pressure off too many minutes for Favors and Gobert. To me he is a team player and seems to be very coachable. Would still like to see the Jazz keep both Booker and Evans. I think the other bigs will be trade chips or let go before the start of the season. Would like to see the Jazz snag another point guard in the process. I like Burkes but I think we have seen his best. Trade him to Boston or Detroit.

  3. UtahsMrSports says:

    I may be dead wrong on this, but I am all in on Kaminsky. We need a backup center, and he can come in and give us spacing and another long body. I think he would fit well here.

  4. Aaron Orgill says:

    I’ve been hoping for Kaminsky for several months now. There are a couple of key components that aren’t mentioned in this article that have me even more sold on him: apart from his skill set being a perfect match for our needs, I think he showed that he is a team guy first and foremost. He was a superstar in college, but from interviews and the way he plays, the lack of ego stands out, which will be needed on a young team with guys who all want minutes. He’s not going to be disruptive to the momentum that got started after the All-Star break. Basically, he’s the anti-Kanter.

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