Lindsanity – Utah Jazz Twitter Power Rankings v 2.0

December 7th, 2012 | by Jeff Lind

What a week! Since the last Lindsanity post, our (then) 9-7 Utah Jazz have dropped three of four (one being a brutal one point loss at the hands of the Clippers), and are now dead even in the W/L at 10-10. Hopefully this week’s awesome group of tweets will improve morale and give the team some additional luck going into a tough slate of games. And here they are: This week’s top 10 tweets from Jazz Nation.

10: @monilogue – From one of my favorite Jazz bloggers and fans, Moni knows the order of operations when it comes to Jazz fandom: 1) Jazz 2) Jerry Sloan 3) buttering me up (somehow my brother ended up sitting next to Jerry Sloan at the Jazz/Clips game… with no good stories to show for it).

9: @My_Lo – It was easy to pile on the refs after the Clippers loss, but blaming a giant blown lead on officiating is a bad look, and Mychal (who’s never scared of dishing out unpopular opinions) spat truth here.

8: @andyblarsenSAYING THAT… Chauncey-freaking-flopping-Billups. Preach Andy:

7: @UTESnJAZZFirst timer to the list, Chris says it like it was/is… because SRSLY Bavetta: Chris, Howard Eisley, and I still haven’t forgiven you.

6: @5klHas anyone figured out the method to Corbin’s rotational madness? I haven’t, and with a Favors injury and back spasms on the Al front, I don’t know if we will any time soon.

5: @tribjazz – Most of the tweets on this list only made me laugh as a defense mechanism against all the Bavetta/Billups pain, but this gem had me cleaning soda off my screen after I read it, which is what vaulted Mr. Oram to the 5th spot as a first week entrant.

4: @SaltCityHoops (7) – Like I said last week, it’s all about the subtleties with SaltCityHoops. He knows the idiosyncracies of the Utah Jazz fanbase & organization, and keeps an eye out for interesting microcosms of our unique culture. You say it best when you say nothing at all, Spencer. #FisherLiedGirls

3: @AllThatAmar (5) – Witnessing a player go from a scorching FG% of .727 to a horrific .147 within a week can drive a man to drink.

2: @LostTacoVendor (4) – Because I’m still not over it, and I don’t think anyone could have put it into better words.

1: @DJJazzyJody (2) – And speaking of tweets regarding flops, taking over the top spot this week is Jody, who depresses me to no end with this:




Dropped from the list: @CowhideGlobe (1), @Neildos (3), @JazzmanJoey (6), @lockedonsports (8), @Enes_Kanter (9), @clintonite33 (10)

Others receiving votes: @CowhideGlobe 109, @davidjsmith1232 89, @JazzHoops 32, @mharpring15 1



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