Lindsanity – Utah Jazz Twitter Power Rankings v 3.0

December 13th, 2012 | by Jeff Lind

What a great week to be a Jazz fan! In the last addition of Lindsanity, the Jazz were an even 10-10, but since then they’ve ripped off three more strong wins and are currently sitting at 6th in the west with a 13-10 record. Anytime the Jazz beat the Lakers and Spurs in one week, you know the world may truly end, but if it does Jazz nation will go out with a smile on our collective face.

Anyway, Without further ado, here are this week’s Jazz Twitter Power Rankings:

10: @davidjsmith1232 – Sometimes the national media writes ridiculous articles that seem to imply that small market teams are always ready to toss chemistry aside, and bend over backward to accommodate crummy trades from league heavyweights. Well, we’ve been going to this high school for seven and a half years. We’re no dummies.

9: @shedeletes – It was a late game for local fans, but for those of us living in more easternly time zones, it was really late. Today we all pay the price (I feel like I’ve been walking around in a fog of giddy Mo Williams hallucinations). Glad I take a bus to work, and don’t have to operate heavy machinery. #wortheverysecond

8: @Lockedonsports I asked this question (via twitter) last night: “If you were gonna buy one Jazz jersey today… Which player would you get?” I got a lot of responses (most of them were terrible… I’m looking at you, @itschappy), but the one I liked the most was from @jazzhype. Why? because it was for DeMarre Carroll… who is a total boss. Preach Locke!

7: @_alexisholt Being a dedicated Jazz fan is a unique familial experience, so when you labor nearly 5 hours to add a member to our Isle of Misfit Toys, you get a place on the Power Rankings! Congratulations to Alexis and the newest member of our Jazz-clan, Felix. Have I mentioned that it’s a great week to be a Jazz fan?

6: @5kl There was a minute there where I thought a shotclock operator was going to get choked out. It was a surly crowd in ESA last night, and people looked ready to grab their pitchforks. Luckily, Kris has a solution to the clock guy’s problem:

5: @CowhideGlobe – Losing to the Spurs isn’t a foreign concept to the Jazz, but why does it always seem to come at the hands of one red hot Spur?

4: @shandonfan – Seriously, shandonfan… seriously.

3: @DJJazzyJody – My favorite non-game storyline this week was the one where Jody outed a John Stockton Twitter fake because of his hollow non-Stockton-like swagger. Not on our watch, @johnstocktonpg. Not on John Stockton day (12/12/12)!!!! The world’s a safer place today than it was yesterday.

2: @LostTacoVendor Any normal week, the Vendor would have taken home #1 honors with this gem:

1: @Doug_Cartwright…but this is no normal week. This is the week that the Jazz emerged as a serious threat to teams in the Western Conference, the week that the Jazz slayed some dragons, and the week where some dude (I assume Doug Cartwright) strings several words & names together into a sentence that may or may not actually mean something!

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Dropped from the list: @AllThatAmar (3), @SaltCityHoops (4), @tribjazz (5), @UTESnJAZZ (7), @andyblarsen (8), @My_Lo (9), @monilogue (10)

Others receiving votes: @nickyjam21 155, @JazzHype 111, @jazzedUteman 26, @mharpring15 1

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