Lindsanity – Utah Jazz Twitter Power Rankings v 4.0

January 17th, 2013 | by Jeff Lind

Well, before we do anything, let me apologize. It’s been a while since the last segment of the #LindList. The holidays, flu, hospital, and general craziness that surround the new year are to blame, but I’m back and ready for action. This week’s tweets are going to be a spattering from the past month. So much has happened, that I’m not even going to attempt a theme… I’m just gonna drop my favorites on you. As a bonus, we’re going to give a TOP 15, so hang on and enjoy.

But before we get started… This:

I hear you, Jeff Ross. I hear you. Now… ON WITH THE SHOW!

15:@UTESnJAZZ – The Jazz had some brutal losses over the last month. None worse than than December 19th’s outing against the Pacers. A night that got so bad it made Mayan jokes funny for a few minutes.

14: @BeardedMangus – Did I say “none worse?” Utah at Phoenix sure felt worse. Aside from Mayan jokes, there’s very few things as terrible to watch than ugly basketball (just ask UofU Men’s Basketball fans… ZING!!).

13: @Clintonite33 – As bad as things got during the last month, there were a few bright spots. One of them came in December at ESA against the Spurs. Tim Duncan came out swinging, but Mo Williams & the Jazz pulled it off, and subsequently…

12: @DavidJSmith1232 – I completely missed David’s origination of this hashtag, but no one could escape the ripple effects of it. Jazz fans had an absolute heyday with it as the Jazz crumbled down the stretch in Atlanta.

11: @sluhm – The “Big East.”

10: @5kl – Presented without comment.

9: @monilogue – As if Jazz fans needed another reason to whine about minutes. Thanks for this, Moni.

8:@da_breezman – But seriously… that Indiana game was terrible.

7: @the20thmaine – Another bright spot in the sea of awful Jazz basketball that was the past month was the Miami game.

6: @jazzhype – Speaking of Miami and Hayward’s hypothetical trash talk (that’s what we were talking about, right?)…

5: @saltcityhoops – Root Sports, everybody! Give ’em a hand.

4: @tribjazz – Have I mentioned how terrible the Indiana game was yet?

3: @PaigeSauer Gordon Hayward can never leave Salt Lake. Ever. What will we do without tweets like this?

2: @DJJazzyJody – [Insert joke about how horrific the Indiana game was… again. Because it was beyond terrible, and this tweet is funnier than anything I can produce right now.]

1: @LostTacoVendor – Never mind. There ARE a couple themes in this week’s power rankings.

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