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November 29th, 2012 | by Jeff Lind

We’re starting a new column this week that turns the tables on Power Rankings. As fans, we spend a lot of time critiquing players, coaches, fan bases, front & back offices, and even the fandom of upper vs. lower decks. Frankly, it’s ridiculous… so why not take it to the next level? It’s time to rank YOU. There’s no method to this madness, except that I own executive privileged on voting. I’m going to be doing this every week for the rest of the season, so bring it.

10: @Clintonite33 – Rarely do you find a blogger that tweets and writes harder, longer, or more gratuitously than Clint. He’s a staple in the twitter Jazz community because no piece of basketball news, stat, or quote escapes his all-seeing gaze. Always up for a discussion, Clint is a good guy to have on your radar (unless you’re the type that easily gets baited into a flame war). An all around good dude that keeps Jazzdom’s collective knee-jerk in check… whether you like it or not.

9: @Enes_Kanter – The big man with the big personality. Enes is the kind of player that Jazz fans glom onto: a hard-working gym rat with a larger than life attitude, some real basketball skill, and a desire to overshare. This particular tweet is nothing special… except for the hashtag. That’s the kind of stuff that ensures you a lifetime supply of free diet cokes in the SLC valley.

8: Speaking of work, have you met @lockedonsports? Hard to call yourself a Jazz fan if you don’t follow the man, and there’s good reason for it. He’s always locked in (BOOM!), digging through stats and basketball jargon to give the fan a smarter experience. Mr. Locke is a consummate pro, and a media guy that actually cares about the team and presenting sports the right way.

7: @saltcityhoops – I know, I know… feels like I’m just kissing the ring here, but nobody serves up the subtleties of being in and around the Jazz locker room and organization better than Spencer. Always entertaining, always a pro, and always spot on in analysis (hey… one of these days I’ll need a raise). His timely observations are always appreciated.

6: @JazzmanJoey – If I mention Deron Williams in this intro, can we consider this tweet Jazz related enough to warrant a power spot? Oh, yes.

5: @AllThatAmar – Pretty sure that Amar spends half of his life in Twitter Jail, but when he’s out roaming the digital badlands, he delivers some gems. He’s a volume tweeter to be sure and he takes a lot of shots, but when he’s on, he’s on.

4: @LostTacoVendor – Full of snark, vinegar, and generally reporting from a strip club, the Vendor knows his audience. He hates all of you, and you love him back for it. Short on patience but long on his vitriol for front office bureaucracy & players who mail it in.

3: @Neildos – Because I can’t get enough second-hand Jerry Sloan folklore. Ever.

2: @DJJazzyJody – The Deseret News Jazz Beat Writer is always a darling of Jazz tweeters, and rightfully so. Not afraid to take a stand on fan-issues (booing cheerleaders?), he just gets twitter, how fans want to consume it, and what they want to hear from their locker-room reporters. Jody always delivers the news respectfully, but doesn’t take himself too seriously. It’s a good mix.

1: @CowhideGlobe (@lauremonoto with the bump/set) – Because sometimes people tweet rad things that are right on so many levels.

So that’s it for this week’s Twitter Power Rankings! What did you think? What did I miss? Who should I be following that I’m currently missing? Tweet me, DM me, hit me up… I’ll see you next week.

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Others receiving votes: @SurlyMae 123, @5kl 105, @jazzhype 80, @mharpring15 1


  1. CowhideGlobe says:

    *mutters to self* “Act like you’ve been there… Act like you’ve been there… Act like……” Thanks to Lauren for being the Earl Watson alley to my Jeremy Evans oop!

  2. Kris (@5kl) says:

    Wait, we can vote for these?

  3. SurlyMae says:

    Loved this, even though I can no longer call myself a Jazz fan since I’ve actually blocked Locke. :) Hope these keep coming, it’s a great idea!

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