Million Dollar Ballers delivers the Mailman

March 14th, 2013 | by Spencer Hall


You know what we all need to cheer up in Jazzland a bit? New threads honoring the legends. We’ve got this fine Mailman t-shirt from the good people at Million Dollar Ballars and we’d like to give it to you.

Just drop us a line at and tell us all your hopes and dreams. Tell us a great story or something ridiculous. Tell us why you want the shirt. Anything. Let’s make this next edition of the mailbag memorable. We’ll pick our favorite entry and you’ll be feeling better in no time with some new gear.

“The Mailman redefined what a nickname could be,” explains owner Greg Beers. “It’s more than a nickname, it’s a catchphrase – the Mailman always delivers.”

As part of their Legends Give Back program, Million Dollar Ballers offers to donate a portion of the proceeds to charity on behalf of the Mailman.

You can find Million Dollar Ballers at

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