NBA Playoffs: Round 1: Jazz 114 – Nuggets 111

April 20th, 2010 | by Spencer Hall

ESPN Recap

Leave your thoughts about the game none of us thought was possible. I’m completely exhausted, but that was spectacular.

Deron Williams was a man,

Fesenko stepped up,

Kyle Korver was clutch down the stretch,

Denver lost their composure,

Othyus Jeffers, Ronnie Price, and Kosta Koufos were on the court together in the fourth quarter of a close playoff game, etc.

What do you think about Friday?


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  1. Marcus says:

    I always wonder what opponents who’ve never played a playoff game in Salt Lake think when they get here. Here are my thoughts:

    – DWill proved he’s the best point guard in the league
    – ESA will be louder than it’s been in years
    – Let’s see how many calls Melo gets in game 3. There will be a shift for how close they played Melo; I look for them to get calls early and give him space. But tighten as the game goes on
    – Look for Matthews to be the X factor on offense and defense
    – If I were the Jazz; attack Billups early, often and hard. Punish him on the defensive end with hard fouls and attack him on offense. Get him in foul trouble in the 1st and Denver won’t be able to respond. He’s the leader and the only one with the stones to stand up to the ESA crowd in this situation

    Friday is going to be off the chain in Salt Lake. I hope Melo and Denver brings some ear plugs; they’ll need it.

  2. Magness says:

    D Will is my new hero but can you post about those ridiculous Fans of Utah for Carmelo ads. Those drove me more nuts then some of the calls last night

  3. Jake (San Diego) says:

    Un-fesenkin’-believable. I’d like to think the Jazz will continue to knock the strut out of those Thuggets.

    And I think D-Will’s got to be close to settling the question that _this year_, he’s the best point guard in the league. I mean, 33 points on 14 shots with 14 assists? That, my friends, is how the game is played.

  4. Agreed. Deron has been spectacular. Last night’s game was one of the strangest I can remember. So many weird calls against both teams, unexpected charges, big dunks, huge 3s, broken plays. It really is going to be unbelievable in SLC on Friday, I can’t wait.

    Did anyone else enjoy Boozer’s red carpet defense against Nene? I know he doesn’t want to pick up fouls, but wow. He might as well give him a dinner mint and turn down the covers the way he provides hospitality for the opposition on their way to the rim.

    I also love the way Kyle Korver waves his arms when he floats to the corners. It’s like he’s the kid on a Junior Jazz team who yells “I’M OPEN!” all game long. That being said, he can do whatever he wants as long as he keeps knocking down those shots. Well done.

  5. Marcus says:

    I was surprised that Sloan didn’t put Fes back in the game with 5 minutes to go. I couldn’t agree more on Boozer down there. But part of the reason I think the Jazz really step it up defensively (and even offensively) is because Fes is big, long and can disrupt passes and shots. I think Nene has 6-8 points less if Fes was on the floor even with 5 fouls.

    But you can’t complain when the got the win. I am curious to see if the Fes-Dispenser (cause he dispenses pain) gets less calls at ESA on Friday. If so, that will be critical as look for Melo to attack early and try to get the Jazz in foul trouble early and take the crowd out of it.

    Let Melo settle for 15-20 footers and make him put the ball on the floor. The Jazz did something on Melo that I’ve only see them do on McGrady in the playoffs; when he comes off a screen the big man jumps out and forces the ball out of their hand. Granted this was done more in the post; but still effective in getting the ball out of his hand. As long as Utah can rotate back; they’ll have plenty of chances to get the ball out of the passing lanes and get out on the break.

    If the Jazz put up big numbers on the break at ESA; look out. The roof will be ripped off from being so loud in there. Also, I like the Jazz aggressiveness last night. Even with a 2 on 1; DWill gave it up to Matthews in the corner for a three. That is the swagger that the Jazz need to not only beat the Thuggets; but who may await us if/when we get to the second round.

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