No, No, No…Yes

June 7th, 2013 | by Scott Stevens

As I sit and watch these Playoffs — with these 16 other teams not named the Utah Jazz — I can’t help but envy the rosters. Especially with the Heat and Spurs. It seems like 1-12, these guys each bring something unique and important to the table. An obvious, yet important, observation explaining why these teams are in the Finals, and the Jazz are not.

More than anything, I realized a small difference between Playoff rosters and the one we follow: I don’t cringe when these Finals players touch the ball. Also, I don’t cringe when these players actually shoot the ball. [Editor’s note: I cringed when Chris Bosh shot that three-pointer at the end of Game 1 on Thursday.] There are far fewer “No, No, No… YES” players.

Help me rank this close-to-home list of NNN…Y players:

Earl Watson – I can’t think of another person whose jump shot makes me more nervous. To make it worse, he always seems to get caught with the ball at the end of the shot clock.

Jamaal Tinsley – The man is practically an And1 mixtape all on his own. But he never learned to put the ball in hoop. His set-shot “jumper” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Mo Williams – Mo is known for being more of a shooter than a traditional point guard. He can get hot with the best of them, but might be the king of the ill-advised shot early in the shot clock.

*Sidenote – It’s never a good sign when all three of the Jazz point guards are at the top of this list.

Last but not least, Marvin Williams – I think his membership on this list boils down to the weird jump kick thingy he does with his legs.

It’s not just current Jazzmen, we’ve seen a number of “No, No, No… Yessers” in the past.

CJ Miles? Always high on the list.

Ronnie Price? Yeah, him too.

Ronnie Brewer? I still have nightmares of Kobe standing three feet off, daring him to take his crazy-form jump shots in the Playoffs.

But it hasn’t been all bad, either. We’ve also seen players like Kyle Korver and Jeff Hornacek, who had shots so pretty, it felt like every attempt was going in.

It’s also exciting and frustrating to face another team with a NNN…Y All-Star. Think of the Shawn Marions, Metta World Peaces and even Rajon Rondos of the league. I’ll let those guys take a jump shot any day — but it makes it sting even more when it actually goes in.

Give us your finest “No, No, No… Yes” players in the comments.

Scott Stevens

A voice of the everyday Jazz fan. Scott works as a creative writer at an advertising agency in Los Angeles. Sticking it to Laker fans every chance he gets. A former "Jazz Rowdy" and avid interneter with production and writing experience on global sports brands. He has lived everywhere from Texas to DC, and all the way to Thailand. He now happens to live on a boat.

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  1. Justin says:

    Kirilenko’s three point attempts at the end of games. Or worse, Josh Howard last year…although there weren’t many “yes” moments with him.

  2. David J Smith says:

    Good job, Scott! I’d have to go with Andrei Kirilenko, Jarron Collins, Jason Hart, and Brevin Knight as others who qualify as NNN…Y guys. And Chris Morris.

  3. Otterpop says:

    Blue Edwards’ frozen ropes never looked like they had a chance; I thought there was no way either of Shandon Anderson’s 3s in the 1st rd vs Sacramento (’99?) were going in. Then there was David Benoit — oh, wait — that was ‘No, no, no — NO!’

  4. JoeMama says:

    JR Smith. If he misses, it’s a “yes!” because plenty more misses will be coming. If he makes it, you just know you’re in for a long night.

  5. Dave says:

    It’s funny cause that is exactly what Millsap is thinking when Mo takes the shot in the video. He is trying to get Mo to drive or do something but then he just drops his shoulders cause he knows he is going to take a terrible shot. Then it goes in and he throws his hands up.

  6. gabe says:

    The Jazz need a #1 qualified Shane Larkin he is good

  7. Andrei.

    Nobody exemplified the N,N,N … Y!!!!!! than Andrei Kirilenko.

    To qualify, you have to have enough surprising YES! endings: and Andrei actually did. 37% from 3 in 2011 and 38% from 3 in 2008. Nobody would expect that without looking it up, I bet.

  8. Clint Johnson says:

    Personally, Mo Williams may be my greatest NNNY Jazz player. I didn’t mind Andrei shooting as much as he did because he needed to feel involved in the game, and I rarely felt the team did enough via scheme to get him that involvement. Mo, on the other hand, knew he was Corbin’s #1 option at the end of a shot clock. He could lead the team in shots nearly any game he chose between those late clock shots and reasonable jumpers in the flow of the game. It frustrates me no end that, even given that allowance, he went so much further by taking such early jumpers and breaking plays for ISOs not called by the coach.

    Worst NNNY in the league: Josh Smith.

  9. Mitchell says:

    Ostertag. I was only 10 when the Jazz played for the title in ’98. But I was old enough to know what anxiety felt like every time the big man put up a shot.

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