Retro Jazz: Utah vs LA on April 6, 1999

August 5th, 2011 | by Spencer Hall

(Hat tip to @monilogue for the video)

In an effort to help you get through the lockout, here is one of my favorite Jazz games of all time. Appropriately enough, it happened in 1999 during the lockout-shortened season. The video is tagged 3/7/99 but this is a game from April 6, 1999. The Jazz won three out of four games against the Lakers that year, after knocking the Lakers out of the playoffs the previous two years. The Jazz would win again a week later, winning eight times in their previous 10 meetings with the Lakers, including a sweep in the playoffs a season before.

The Laker roster in 1999 featured a young Kobe Bryant, Shaq in his prime, Dennis Rodman at his craziest, Glen Rice, Rick Fox, Derek Harper, and Robert Horry. Phil Jackson would arrive as coach the next season, but in the meantime Kurt Rambis was in charge (and over his head).

The Jazz roster includes some of the most-loved names in team history. John Stockton, Karl Malone, Jeff Hornacek, Bryon Russell, Shandon Anderson, Howard Eisley, Adam Keefe, Jacque Vaughn, Thurl Bailey (in a return appearance), and even Greg Foster (famous for making the throat-slashing gesture against the Lakers in 1998. If anyone can find footage of that game from March 28, 1998, send it on). Greg Ostertag was also on the team.

Watch this video a million times. It’s absolutely brilliant. John Stockton puts on a virtuoso performance, making me realize we haven’t seen his equal before or since. Karl Malone is ridiculously tenacious, going 12/12 despite Dennis Rodman committing physical crimes that are probably illegal in several states. The rest of the players make cuts and finish at the rim in ways that haven’t been seen since.

The game also featured Jerry Sloan getting ejected, just to give Jazz fans an extra dose of nostalgia.


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  1. Josh says:

    Wow…great find. This thing is like a Best of the 90’s compilation, all from a single game. Stockton’s twist-around bank shot, Karl going 12-for-12 and referring to himself in the third person in post-game interviews, Ostertag having one of those “hey, this guy can be real good!” games…and where did that Thurl highlight come from? Even if we didn’t get a title out of this era, it always felt good to smack the Lakers around. This clip was pretty bittersweet to watch. Thanks for the post.

  2. Nicky J says:

    Wow, Karl Malone was amazing. I don’t think we’ve seen a guy compete that hard night in and night out since.

    And those black uniforms were disgusting.

  3. Dave says:

    What a great video. Basketball at it’s finest. I honestly think that the Utah Jazz of the 90’s had some of the best basketball we’ll ever see. Fundamental, unselfish, and overall a great cohesive team. I sorely miss these days, but this video brought back so many memories. Continuing to fuel my everlasting hatred for the Lakers.

  4. Clint says:

    Thanks for the video… brought back a lot of memories.. I miss Karl and John… those were the good ole’ days… we’ll likely never see them again.


  5. jimmy says:

    they should’ve won the title in 1999 or at least went to the finals.

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