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April 27th, 2011 | by Spencer Hall

The illustrious Kurt Kragthorpe of the Salt Lake Tribune was nice enough to join us on the Salt City Hoops podcast last night. Kurt is a man who needs no introduction among Jazz fans and has been covering Utah sports since the days of Frank Layden. He shares his thoughts on today’s Jazz and gives us a few anecdotes from back in the day.

You can read more from Kurt at and follow him on Twitter @tribkurt.

As usual, I was joined in the studio by Justin Davies (@jhjustin) from Jazz Hype. We cover a lot of ground, so let us know what you think in the comments.

A special thanks to the UVU Digital Media Department for providing the excellent studio space and to our producer Jonathan Knudtson.


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  1. James Jonas says:

    I think you’re both a bit moronic. As if it were any fault of Kirilenko’s to sign an enormous contract, and now he should have to repay it? The Jazz may still get Kirilenko at a pretty decent rate over his lifetime as an NBA player. In 11 years the jazz have paid him about $91 Million….say he re-signs with the for four more year at 15-20 million dollars. That would put him at $110 Million for 15 Years. which is an average of about 7 million/year.

    He very well could re-sign for much less as you have stated in your podcast which would bring his average way down. You really cant downplay the fact that the Jazz is just a far better defensive team when AK is on the floor.

  2. First of all, there were three of us. Second of all, we weren’t blaming Kirilenko for taking money that was offered to him, (who wouldn’t take $84M?), we were simply saying that he has an opportunity to do something almost unheard of in sports: take a pay cut for the good of the team. We aren’t necessarily saying that’s what he should or shouldn’t do, but rather how remarkable it would be if he went that route.

  3. Jeff Lind says:

    Great observation on the goodwill the team bought with the last 3 games. I hadn’t thought about that, but I totally agree. I think this offseason goes/feels much differently if we tank those games, but because the guys came out fighting, and showed some upside, most Jazz fans are feeling optimistic (perhaps a little too optimistic) about the future. I think the team will still experience some growing pains, but this at least tosses some sugar on the medicine.

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