Sunday Reading on a Tuesday: Luther Wright Redemption

December 1st, 2009 | by Spencer Hall


Luther Wright is a man whose reputation needs no introduction for Jazz fans. After washing out of the NBA due to drug abuse and mental illness, he ended up on the streets. These stories rarely end well, so I hope everyone read this great follow-up from Fanhouse:

Wright and his wife, a school teacher, are both in the choir at Morningstar, where she sings with a smile and he plays the guitar with a passion that comes from his heart. She didn’t know him — which is fortunate — during his years as an addict, but she has heard all the horror stories. At times, she is his angel, seeing only the good side.

It was his friend, Neron, who almost dragged him to church originally, but it was Wright’s own perseverance, and his wife’s presence, that kept him coming back for more.

He takes no medication now for the mental disorders that he and the doctors once said contributed to his problems. He speaks clearly, and lives cleanly today. His eyes are bright again. His teeth have been fixed. As big as he is, his shuffle has purpose, both on the court coaching, and down the street to his next venture. He likes himself, his new life.

Great to hear that he’s doing well. Best of luck to Luther going forward.


Source: Fanhouse

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