Surprising Odds to Win the 2011-12 NBA Rookie of the Year

June 27th, 2011 | by Spencer Hall

The Legend of The Jimmer seems to be compelling to all, even the oddsmakers who have to put their money where their mouth is. has released their odds to win the 2011-12 NBA Rookie of the Year and new Sacramento King Jimmer Fredette comes in second, ahead of number one draft pick Kyrie Irving and just behind number two pick Derrick Williams.

Both Jazz first-round draft picks Enes Kanter and Alec Burks make the cut with 7/1 and 18/1 odds, respectively.

Odds to Win the 2011-12 NBA Rookie of the Year

Derrick Williams 9/2
Jimmer Fredette 5/1
Kyrie Irving 11/2
Enes Kanter 7/1
Ricky Rubio 15/2
Kemba Walker 15/2
Brandon Knight 10/1
Jan Vesely 12/1
Klay Thompson 15/1
Marcus Morris 15/1
Tristan Thompson 16/1
Alec Burks 18/1
Marshon Brooks 18/1
Markieff Morris 18/1
Field 5/2

Will the 2011-12 NBA Regular Season start on time?
Yes 3/2
No 1/2

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  1. Nate says:

    It is shocking to me that Jimmer was ranked so highly, probably due to the opportunity to start as a rookie at a weak franchise that will allow him to be the focal point of the offense.

    Hopefully this is the end of Jimmer-mania on this site though for the sake of all of us non-utah residents who love the jazz not Jimmer. Once again this is an interesting article though, but maybe a bit more than two sentaces about the players who will actually play ball for utah this year

  2. Bloodshy says:

    Cut the bitterness Nate. Most Jazz fans are pulling for Jimmer’s success wherever he is. He’s a Utah star who will always be connected. I’m happy to hear news about him.

    I also appreciate the odds makers expect production from out own picks. I could definitely see Kanter making a big splash as a rookie. He could be our most versatile big (offensively) the moment he steps on the floor. He could become something amazing in 2-3 years if he hits the weights and maintains his 5-6% body fat while bulking to 280ish. He’d be a monster. As for Burks, it’s all about his J. If he has/will develop a J that can suck defenders to the perimeter, he could be amazing. If he doesn’t, it’ll be Brewer 2.0 w/slightly better handles and worse D.

  3. War Eagle says:

    Memo is washed up, hopefully we can get something for Millsap, and C.J. is a ball hog. Thats why we didnt make the finals in 2007.

    JImmer sucks, over rated. I personally am glad the Jazz didnt draft him because all he is is a ball hog.

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