The Eric Maynor / Goran Suton Era Begins

June 26th, 2009 | by Spencer Hall


Hope you enjoyed the draft. You can re-read the hilarity that ensued during the TrueHoop Liveblog, if you don’t mind us channeling our inner Simmons and beating him to his own jokes.

Here’s a look at what the Jazz picked up. I’m looking forward to some great games in Orem.

Here’s a nice wrap-up from True Blue Jazz.

(Suton photo stolen shamelessly from here)

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  1. maynor fan says:

    Just wanted to say what up to all the Jazz fans, we support our own so I will definitely be pulling for the Jazz in the future.

    Raeford, NC

  2. UtesFan89 says:

    Thanks for the link.

    Do you think Maynor ends up in the NBDL? My thinking is that the team won’t have enough money to go sign a bunch of guys… and with bigger needs, Maynor might end up being the #2 PG.

  3. Freshmenz says:

    Great picture! Go Green!

  4. M E Ogburn says:

    You got a good one! Eric was ours for 4 yrs – take care of him and he’ll put Utah on the map! Go Eric, go VCU!
    Richmond, VA

  5. Jazz it Up says:

    Well, Maynor looks pretty good. I’d take him as the #2 point guard right now for sure.

  6. Karl Malone 32 says:

    He instantly gives us more than we’ve had for the last 2 years at back-up point…

  7. yaboozyalooz says:

    Excited to have Mayor in the Ranks…Now just got to get rid of some dead weight!

  8. JazzJunky says:

    Maynor looks like a solid player. Looking forward to having him on the team and getting rid of Boozer…. :)

  9. VCU Alum06 says:

    Having gone to VCU for three years and following the Careers of other CAA greats like Nick George, BA Walker, I had never seen a player with the gift of gutsy clutch performances in big games as Eric Maynor. He’s a heads up smart ball player with the ability to find his open man and or burn you one on one in an instant. The thing I like most about his game is that he never rushes and always seemed to be in control of the situation. Great pick.

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