The greatest video in the history of hot tub videos featuring John Stockton

April 24th, 2012 | by Spencer Hall

Today at shootaround before tonight’s epic Jazz matchup with the Phoenix Suns, I had a conversation with KSL sports anchor Jeremiah Jenson. At some point, Jeremiah casually mentioned that he’d recently found a video in the KSL archives featuring John Stockton talking to then-KSL reporter Jim Nantz. If JJ hadn’t agreed to post the video, I might have rushed the KSL building to post it myself.

There are so many amazing things about this clip. The rookie John Stockton is remarkably upbeat and friendly, especially considering the Jazz lost at home the night before in Game 4 of the first round of 1985 Playoffs against the Houston Rockets. Fortunately the Jazz won the deciding Game 5 the next night on the road in Houston.

Also, Pace Mannion in his pre-analyst role is rocking a mustache and mullet that would be the best in any hot tub, if it weren’t for the presence of All-Stache candidate Rich Kelley. On the other side of the jacuzzi is Bobby Hansen, showing the bravado that eventually led him to get punched by teammate Bart Kofoed.

Lastly, the participatory journalism of a young Jim Nantz is stunning in comparison to his staid personality as host of the Tradition Unlike Any Other at the Masters. Definitely a different era. Also, can you imagine that hot tub scene happening if Jerry Sloan were the head coach?

Regardless, this clip is absolute gold.

Spencer Hall
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