The Saddest Fact In All Of Jazz Land – Salt City Hoops Saturday Show

November 11th, 2013 | by Andy Larsen

On this week’s episode, the team takes a look at the winless, hapless Jazz. Sure, the Jazz are playing terribly, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make light of the situation. Andy Larsen throws out Sad Jazz Facts, which Dan Clayton and Clark Schmutz rank overall. Even better, then Clark makes a real-life sad comparison of each Sad Jazz Fact. Is it the Jazz’s terrible shooting, the fact they haven’t won in a month, or the Jazz’s historically awful offense that depresses us most? Find out, with lots of laughs, on this week’s Salt City Hoops Saturday Show!

Andy Larsen

Andy Larsen

Andy Larsen is the Managing Editor of Salt City Hoops, the ESPN TrueHoop affiliate for the Utah Jazz. He also hosts a radio show and podcast every week on ESPN700 AM in Salt Lake City.
Andy Larsen


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