The Summer of Our Discontent

April 28th, 2009 | by Spencer Hall

The NBA, where caring happens for a 68 year-old coach but not for the overpaid malingerers who sabotaged the season. I’m pretty sure Jerry Sloan would chew off his own leg to compete.

So the season ends the way it began: Ronnie Price and various role players bringing hustle and heart and competitive fire to the floor. That’s all we ever wanted. Sure, a championship would be nice, but we’ve been diehard fans for years without a ring. Read the open letter from The Cowhide Globe:

Dear Ronnie Price:

You embody everything a Jazzman should be. Thanks for bringing your heart, energy, determination and toughness! I hope that you will be with us again next season.

Here’s to your ability to lift the Jazz from a 20-point deficit in the fourth and rallying the boys to close the gap to 5… I can guarantee you… that you have every Jazz fan behind you. You’ve more than earned your keep. In fact, you’ve completely endeared yourself to all of Jazz nation. Please come back next season!

Hard to believe it was just a few months ago that the Jazz were getting performances like that out of everyone. Instead, the Jazz head to the exits with the chants of “Utah Sucks” ringing in their ears from the classy crowd at Staples.

Somehow, though, I’m excited about this summer. I’m sad to see Hot Rod Hundley retire, I miss Larry Miller on the radio and on the sidelines, free agency will turn the team inside out, and the financial apocalypse is poised to change professional sports as we know it. But still, I like I mentioned in a previous post, the end of this season feels like the end of a bad relationship. It’s that feeling you get when you finally break up with someone after staying together way too long. Each season is a new dance, and I’m looking forward to the Fall look.


So, I’ll need a few days to mull things over, but I’ll be back with thoughts about Hot Rod’s retirement, (classy move by Derek Fisher to pay respect to the man after the game), summer prospects, Rocky Mountain Revue coverage. Spring is in the air and it’s time to move on.

In the meantime, is it so wrong that I’m shamelessly jumping on the Denver Nuggets’ bandwagon?

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  1. Scrum says:

    Doesn’t matter who you root for, as long as it isn’t the Lakers or the Blazers (but they’re basically done, so whatever). Makes me sick that the seemingly innocuous Iverson/Billups trade sent the Nuggets to the top and the Pistons to the bottom. Jazz would have been a 5 or 6 seed if AI was still in Den.

  2. Spencer says:

    Who could have guessed that Billups would turn one of the most disfunctional teams in the league into a team with the kind of nasty that can put a 58 point beatdown on a team on the road. It’s like night and day: I couldn’t stand watching them early in the year, and now I can’t turn away.

  3. Andy says:

    I’m guessing that the “classy crowd at Staples” was a sarcastic jab. Don’t forget, they gave a standing ovation to Hot Rod Hundley. The visiting team’s broadcaster. During an elimination playoff game.

    I highly doubt Chick Hearn would have gotten that from the “classy crowd at ESA.”

  4. Riley says:

    Last time I checked Chick Hearn wasn’t a first round draft pick, two-time all-star for the Jazz (as Hot Rod was for the Lakers). Lame ass post Andy.

  5. Andy says:

    Lame ass team, Riley. Have a nice summer.

  6. Spencer says:

    My only regret is using “classy” twice with opposite meanings. But this gets at an idea I’ve been meaning to write about for a while, and deserves its own post: a crowd is composed of individuals from every possible background, with different ideas of proper fan behavior, and public behavior in general. For every guy throwing a bottle at Ron Artest there’s a guy with his daughter wishing they could just enjoy the game. For every guy in section 110 spilling two beers on a girl as he walks up the stairs there’s a couple of friends who haven’t seen each other in a while and want to yell for the home team.

    So yeah, classy move (sincerely) by Fisher and the Laker crowns to send Hot Tod out with a standing ovation. But those probably aren’t the same people starting a “Utah Sucks” chant, either. I’m saying every crowd has its people who are going to be embarrassing to the rest of us. I’m embarrassed about the guy taunting Fisher with the eye cover or whatever it was last year. I get embarrassed anytime a college crowd does the whole “left, right, left, right” thing when a guy fouls out. Kevin Garnett and the Celtics could act like they’ve been there before instead of making faces that just look ridiculous.

    I’m just calling for less embarrassing public behavior by everyone, Jazz fans included. Lastly, I think it’s odd that you’re implying that the standing ovation for Hot Rod, a former Laker, all-star, hall-of-famer, legend, etc. buys the crowd credit to act ridiculous at other points in the game.

  7. Spencer says:

    I’d also like to thank my iPhone for the creative spelling in that previous rant. Adjust accordingly.

  8. Mix says:

    It is only right to root for the team that is playing LA, all others must be watched with neutrality.

  9. Res says:

    My opinion:

    The Jazz need a Defensive Center. Memo, is a GREAT PLAYER! Overall, he’s more of range shooter. Which, is no complaint in his ability to put points on the board. But, we need another Milsap. So, as it stands Boozer will leave the Jazz (With the current talks, we may get a Chris Bosch in a trade agreement) Keeping in mind, that Boozer snubbed Cleveland to play for another Team. So, there is no love loss with him departing!

    AK-47 needs to go, with him we shed not only the highest player on the payroll. But, one of the most HOT n COLD players on the Team. We can make a lot of head way in the off-season.

    We work out trades for Boozer and AK, we will ride high next season. I hope Miller is willing to take the risks to make it happen. The old, Jazz of Malone and Stockton are long gone. D-Will is the face of the Jazz, he needs a new support system. Or the Jazz, will be singing the Cavaliers Sing-along , “When Lord, When’s goin’ to be are time?”

    Conference Titles, and Division Banners look Great!

    But something about Silverware is, So Universally fitting!

    Man this ring is Heavy! or This Ring could use another, Ring to compliment itself!

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