The Utah Jazz Trade Target Power Rankings

January 19th, 2016 | by Clark Schmutz

Welcome to the first ever Utah Jazz Trade Target Power Rankings. The 2016 NBA trade deadline is only about 4 weeks away, which makes now a great time to talk about the Utah Jazz and possible trades. So based on criteria like player fit, contracts, cost, and team direction (meaning the Jazz and the team they would be trading with), I have compiled a power rankings to sort out likely trade candidates this trade deadline. For example, Lebron James would score very highly on desirability and team fit with the Jazz, but because, he would cost too much to acquire and because his availability is basically zero, he doesn’t rank highly at all on the Jazz trade target power rankings. Be sure to add comments in the comments section if you think this power rankings unwittingly leaves your favorite player or trade target out.

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The recent good play of Trey Lyles has altered the power rankings.


Casspi checks off almost all the boxes on what the Jazz might be looking for at the trade deadline. He’s a 27 year old, versatile wing who can play the 2, 3 and 4 and who has thrived playing anywhere from 12 to 28 minutes per game. He could start for the Jazz or be an excellent role player as a scorer off the bench and adequate defender. He’s currently shooting 52% from the field and a blistering 47% from three. His cost would probably be something like a late first round pick, which the Jazz have several different variations they can offer. The problem is that Casspi is playing a major role for the Kings, who have major playoff aspirations and only sit one game behind the Jazz and out of the playoffs. The Kings probably won’t deal any of their contributors until they are out of the playoffs. But a trade for Omri Casspi to the Jazz might make much more sense this offseason, anyways.

Hypothetical deal: Casspi to the Jazz for the 2018 first round pick from OKC.



Collison is only 28 years old and has two years left at about $10 million. He makes a lot of sense for the Jazz because he could come in and start the rest of this season and play behind or even with Dante Exum next season before being completely of the Jazz’s salary books. He’s probably less of a long term fit for the Jazz, as he will have suitors and aspirations to become a starting point guard in 2017, but he would fit nicely in Utah the next two seasons. Collison is a scorer, who is very effective in pick and roll situations and is probably a slightly below average defender at his position given his size. His cost would be similar to Omri Casspi’s, most likely, but the Kings might also be more willing to move Collison if they feel Rajon Rondo can carry the bulk of the point guard minutes while moving Seth Curry to the backup role. The Kings may value a first round pick more than paying $5 million to a backup point guard in 2016-17.

Hypothetical deal: Darren Collison to the Jazz for Utah’s lottery protected 2017 first round pick.

Rudy Gay was the best player on the court Monday (Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

Rudy Gay was the best player on the court Monday (Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

But the Jazz would rather have one of his teammates.



Dudley would be such a smooth fit on almost every NBA team as a team-oriented wing/stretch big, who can shoot and defend. He has been a real plus-minus superstar over the last few seasons, even though at first look, he doesn’t seem to be a game changer by any measure. Dudley is a career 40% three point shooter and is hitting threes at a 46% clip this season on almost 4 attempts per game. Dudley cost the Wizards a highly protected 2nd round pick that was virtually nothing, and his asking price in trade season would probably only be slightly higher. If the Wizards realize in the next few weeks that they cannot contend for a top seed in the East, they may value the $4 million in savings that trading Dudley would grant them. The problem for the Jazz is that Dudley is already 30 years old, with a history of back surgery and doesn’t fit the development of the young Jazz core perfectly. Although there is an argument to be made that bringing Dudley to Utah to finish his career would be the exact type of move the Jazz need to make in order to transition from playoff hopefuls to legitimate contenders in the next 3-4 years.

Hypothetical deal: Jared Dudley to the Jazz for Detroit’s 2017 2nd round pick.



On the surface, Garrett Temple provides nothing exciting that the Jazz would need. Temple only shoots 40% from the field and 32% from three. However, Temple is an above average defender and a 7 year veteran, who would be an upgrade over Christapher Johnson and possibly Joe Ingles. Temple scores very highly on the defensive real plus-minus metrics the last few seasons, and although he has played major minutes for Washington this season, his minutes are almost certain to go down once Alan Anderson returns from injury. Temple would probably be the cheapest asset to acquire on this list, but it would also be a risk whether he was a talent upgrade for Utah at all.

Hypothetical deal: Garrett Temple to Utah for a conditional 2016 2nd round pick protected 31-45.



McCollum’s inclusion on this list may come as a surprise, since it seems that Portland would never want to rid themselves of such an elite scorer. The problem is that McCollum will struggle to start next to franchise piece Damian Lillard defensively. The Trailblazers could remedy this by acquiring a bigger shooting guard to start and make McCollum a super 6th man, but even if it isn’t the Jazz, I could see the Blazers selling high on McCollum during the next 6 months.

Hypothetical Deal: CJ McCollum and Chris Kaman to Utah for Alec Burks and Tibor Pleiss.

Elsa - Getty Images

Elsa – Getty Images

Here Quin Snyder is really considering the magnitude of these trade target power rankings.



Galinari seems like a long shot, but he is a very good player who can play the three or the stretch four the Jazz dearly covet. Trading for Gallinari would be quite a sea change in terms of team building and the Jazz would have to give up a lot to acquire a player of Galinari’s ability. It wouldn’t be cheap, but it would be the type of risk the Jazz might decide to take if they really believe in Gallo. As good as Trey Lyles has been this last week, or so, Gallinari is probably a pretty good comparison to what the Jazz hope Lyles ultimately becomes.

Hypothetical Deal: Gallinari to the Jazz for Alec Burks, Trey Lyles, OKC’s 2018 first round pick.



It’s hard to know exactly what Portland’s plan is longterm, but they have a handful of threes and fours that need minutes and can all contribute. Some heads were turned when Aminu was one of the first announced signings of the 2016 offseason at a 4 year, $30 million deal. But moving forward that will be a very attractive contract for a player who is only 24 years old and is already one of the leagues more versatile defenders. If Aminu isn’t available, his teammate Ed Davis would make a good replacement for Trevor Booker long term as an energetic big off the bench who grabs offensive rebounds and shoots an incredibly high percentage on his field goals.

Hypothetical Deal: Aminu to the Jazz for Trevor Booker and a Utah Jazz lottery protected 2016 first round pick.



McLemore represents an option of buying low on a young prospect in hopes of giving him a better environment for improvement and growth. Who knows if the Kings have moved on emotionally from McLemore’s development, but they have replaced his minutes with the play of veterans like Casspi and Bellinelli and George Karl doesn’t have a long track record of patience with young players. McLemore played well last season and hasn’t been able to take “the next leap” in his development. And Sacramento could use some first round picks to address other needs down the road.

Hypothetical deal: Ben McLemore to the Jazz for Christapher Johnson and OKC’s 2018 first round pick.

Clark Schmutz

Clark Schmutz is a Jazz fan living in North Carolina who has been blogging about the Jazz for 8 years. Just like with religion, politics and good deals on the internet, Clark likes to talk NBA basketball to find more truth and learning. Find him on twitter @clarkpojo.

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  1. Tyson Newman says:

    How is Jrue Holiday not on this list. He is so perfect.

  2. Pauk Johnson says:

    I really like the Aminu trade. I was bummed the Jazz didn’t go after him in free agency, because he so perfectly fills a Jazz need of a very big and long wing defender. Plus his shooting appears to have gotten better. He provides good value to the Jazz for this year’s draft pick.

    • Paul Johnson says:

      If the Jazz could pick up McLemore for nothing more than CJ and the OKC pick, I would do that in a nanosecond–but I think that is a pretty big if.

  3. brian says:

    You can trade garbage for potential Portland would never make any of those trades!

  4. Brandon says:

    Why is Hayward not put in place of Burks on those ideas

  5. Carson says:

    i think any trade that involves Trey Lyles would be a horrible decision. With what we have seen so far this year, makes me believe that by the end of next year, he could be better then anyone we could trade him for.

  6. LKA says:

    NO is any fashion of trading Burks. He has a good contract and will always be akey player. Jazz like Lyles and are pleased with his progress so he also would be off the table. Danilo Gallinari is a injury person and has missed several games. He is not worth the risk. I do like Collison and Mclemore. I think you could easily pry away the latter with Johnson and or a pick.

  7. william kern says:

    I think you are better staying where u are at. you know what you got. So you trade some good player and get somebody that don’t care or isn’t worth anything. right now you got a team that wants to play together and is a good fit, so why spoil it

  8. IDJazzman says:

    I’d love to have Gallanari, he would take the Jazz to another level, but Denver doesn’t look like they’re ready to blow it up and start over and I don’t see any of the other proposals being realistic or that excite me. I do believe it is very likely that there will be a trade coming for the Jazz in the upcoming draft. With the return of Dante next year and the development of Lyles there are becoming fewer holes on the team. With that said, there is a good chance that the best player available in the 2016 draft for the Jazz, might be a duplication of what they already have and the same goes for a few other teams. So, trades will be available then. I think right now they should just stay on course. We don’t really know how good this team is, until all the players are able to finally play together, which hopefully will be next year. Don’t look for Dante to be a miracle worker when he returns, takes a while to overcome a blown ACL, just as it did Gallanari.

    • Diggin' It says:

      I do not believe that Tibor Pleiss, Jeff Withey, or Joe Ingles are 2nd string players on championship teams. BUT, I don’t want to trade them in right this second, because their presence is great for the young guys in the locker room. It would be better to acquire those 2nd string players later. By the time later rolls around, who knows? Maybe Withey, Pleiss, or Jingles will prove me wrong, that they can play great in their 2nd string roles into their 30s.

      C Rudy Gobert, 30 minutes
      PF Derrick Favors, 33 minutes
      SF Gordon Hayward, 34 minutes
      SG Rodney Hood, 27 minutes
      PG Dante Exum, 29 minutes
      C Mystery player, 13 minutes
      PF Trey Lyles, 20 minutes
      SF Mystery player, 14 minutes
      SG Alec Burks, 26 minutes
      PG Trey Burke, 14 minutes

      reserves: Joe Ingles, Jeff Withey, Raul Neto, Olivier Hanlan

  9. Zach says:

    Seems strange that all the options are for players from underperforming teams chasing the jazz for a playoff spot and dont really move a needle at all (except maybe McLemore, but he isnt getting traded after Sac chose to keep him over Sauce Castillo).

  10. Aaron Orgill says:

    You had some interesting ideas there, but stop it with that Gallinari trade. You seriously think it would take Burks AND Lyles AND a first-rounder? I love Dennis Lindsey, but if he made that trade I would be forming a lynch mob.

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