Timberwolves v. Jazz, Stampede v. Flash

December 14th, 2009 | by Spencer Hall


Spectacular Kevin Love photo by Dustin Snipes.

The Jazz and Flash need to do a better job of not playing on the same nights at the same time. They should at least have the courtesy to stack the schedule JV style, with the D-League game tipping off at 5:30 and the main event at 7:30. You can join the ESPN Dime Live chat here all night.

In the meantime, the Timberwolves come to Energy Solutions Arena at 7:00 to see if they can repeat their performance from earlier this month when they rode the emotion from the return of Kevin Love and unleashed a barrage of three pointers on their way to a win in Minnesota. Unfortunately for the Wolves, however, the Jazz are playing at home and are coming off a nice win over the Lakers on Saturday. The Jazz rolling and unless the crippling burden of history forces the Jazz to play poorly against a weaker opponent, this should be a convincing victory.

On the simultaneous undercard, the Flash welcome the Idaho Stampede to Orem at 7:00. The Flash are coming off a tough 107-103 loss to the Reno Bighorns on Friday. The players spent Saturday doing charity work in the community, so perhaps karma will be on their side as they attempt to maintain their #2 spot in the standings.

My biggest complaint about the Stampede is that despite being named “the Stampede” and having a horse in their logo, they have a coyote for a mascot. How did that get approved? Huge missed opportunity to have a horse mascot walking around with awkward hooves and knees that bend the wrong way. Apparently the presence of Buster Bronco, the Boise State mascot meant the powers-that-were thought there wouldn’t be room in the area for more horses, but come on. I demand more horses.


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