Top 10 Prospective Picks in Honor of only the Second Top-10 Pick in Utah Jazz History

June 17th, 2010 | by Spencer Hall

[Editor’s Note: The venerable MC Welk weighs in with an excellent prospectus on the choices facing the Jazz in the 2010 Draft.]

DeMarcus Cousins Derrick Coleman pt. 2 The Mailman Flu pt. 2 i Strength Coach Malone
Greg Monroe Triple Threat in Flex O Motor spits and starts Jerry Tractor Tune-Up ii
Al-a-Freak Aminu Versatile like AK47 Tweener like AK47 iii AK serves as mentor
X. Henry Scoring wing w. “juice” iv Not well-rounded These things take time
Ed Davis 12-foot max vert. reach v Passive temperament Roll the dice and pray
Ekpe Udoh Offense and Defense Too skinny to board vi Glad he’s 23 years-old
Patrick Patterson Boozer part 2 Boozer part 2 Who repeats history … vii
Luke Babbitt Fits the stereotype Curse of Kirk Snyder viii Pass (please), need D
Cole Aldrich More athletic Ostertag = Joel Pryzbilla Take if can trade down ix
Gordon Hayward Magical NCAA run x Looks like BYU Cougar Utah in the PAC-12 now

Notes: The first three will almost definitely be off the board by #9; the last three will hopefully still be on the board after #9. Realistically the Jazz should select from Henry, Davis, Udoh and Patterson, any of whom would be palatable. If I were KOC I would roll the dice on Davis, but it’s not my money and he may be a project; moreover, Deron Williams wants to win now. Boozer and probably Korver are gone.

  1. Derrick Coleman was notorious for missing games in which he would be facing the rough and tumble Karl Malone.
  2. Jerry Sloan is an avid antique tractor collector, particularly John Deere’s, on his farm in Southern Illinois.
  3. Andrei Kirilenko has often been frustrated with his role under Sloan; however, they have both matured lately.
  4. This is what David Thorpe says the Jazz needs; whereas, Kevin Arnovitz would like to see Monroe’s passing skills.
  5. His measurements approach those of “can’t miss” prospect Derrick Favors: 12’+ max. vert. reach is pretty rare.
  6. At least he was against Zoubek and the Plumlees in the NCAA Tourney. Admittedly I haven’t seen enough of him.
  7. Everyone thought the Jazz were going to select Boozer in the draft; instead they wound up with Curtis Borchardt.
  8. Kirk Snyder and Jay Humphries tested out as two of the best athletes in the draft (and later Ronnie Brewer) …
  9. I like Aldrich, I really do. I just think that #9 is too high for him: 50% better than 00 is still outside the lottery.
  10. Hayward’s Hoosiers made it through the West Regional in S.L.C. Still I fear his pro career will just rim out.

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  1. Jeremy Hurst says:

    This is not the Utah Jazz second top ten pick ever. 1980 the Jazz picked Darryl Griffith with the number 2 pick, 1982 Domonique Wilkins with the number 3 and traded him, 1983 number 7 Thurl Bailey, and 2005 Deron Williams with number 3.

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