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April 13th, 2009 | by Spencer Hall

On Friday I made the easy decision to take in the Utah Flash v. Colorado 14ers game in person at the McKay Events Center in Orem rather than sit home and watch the Jazz break my heart on the road against the Spurs.

It turned out to be a great decision as the Flash put on a great show in winning the 25 second replay from their previous matchup and then following up with a great performance in the full game. My only complaint is with owner Brandt Andersen’s write up on his blog:

Did anyone see the reaction of the head coach of the Colorado 14ers-Bob MicKinnon? I have rarely seen such a poor display of sportsmanship. After loosing the first game he claimed he was not coming back out onto the court. He was yelling and swearing at anyone he could find. Then after loosing the second game he refused to shake the hand of our coach. I hate loosing as much as anyone but that type of behavior is unacceptable. I know those were tough losses but they were meaningless to the 14ers. They still have the best record in the league and they still have home court advantage throughout the playoffs. That was a classless display and I hope the league takes action against him for his behavior. For about a minute I considered saying something to him but there was nothing that was going to break my mood last night. Flash prevailed.

Now, I was sitting across the court with the basket blocking my view of the 14ers bench, so I didn’t see any of this untoward behavior. My complaint is with Andersen’s use of “loosing” in place of the correct spelling, “losing.” An online rant needs to fall into one of two categories to be effective: It needs to be completely crazy and typed in ALL CAPS, or it should be well-reasoned and grammatically correct and convince the reader to sympathize with the writer’s point of view. Also, it’s “MacKinnon.”

So now as the Jazz seem determined to drive away any fans left on the bandwagon, the Flash are peaking heading into their first home playoff game on Wednesday. Unfortunately for the Jazz organization, the Junior Varsity is the team playing like they enjoy the game while the Varsity appears to have their bags packed.

Anyway, I look forward to an exciting Utah Flash/Bakersfield Jam playoff game on Wednesday. The place will be packed and you can’t beat $7 general admission seats.

Spencer Hall
Founder Spencer Hall has covered the NBA, Team USA and NBA D-League since 2007 and launched Salt City Hoops in 2009. Spencer is now the news director at KSL.com
Spencer Hall
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  1. That must be a pretty good organization if your only complait is a few word spelled wrong.

    See ya at the game !

  2. It’s nothing but love for the Flash! I’m looking forward to Wednesday, it’s going to be great.

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