Vegas Preseason Win Total Summary: Let’s hope you didn’t bet on the Jazz

April 14th, 2011 | by K.Malphurs

The 2010-2011 regular season is over, and out of curiosity I wanted to quantify this season’s biggest pleasant surprises and disappointments. In order to set a proper benchmark, I looked at the preseason over/under win total from and compared that with the total games each team ended up winning. Without further ado below are the teams that exceeded expectations.

First on the list are the Chicago Bulls, who won 62 games compared to the preseason prediction of only 46.5 wins. There is a reason that Tom Thibodeau is projected to be the coach of the year according to In fact all six of the coaches that received votes coached teams that are on the above list.

On the other side of the NBA are the most disappointing teams. It isn’t that surprising for Jazz fans that the Jazz are on the list and actually rank as the 2nd most disappointing team behind the Cavs and tied with the Bucks.

Jazz fans don’t need an excel grid to tell you this season has been a disappointment, but I wanted to quantify how disappointing this year has been, especially compared to other teams. The Jazz fell short of hitting the over on their win total by 11 games. It is clear from the above that only Cavs fans can claim to have had a worse year than the Jazz and even then I would make the argument that dropping from a playoff contender to a lottery team is worse than going from a lottery team to one of the worst two teams in the league.


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  1. Johnny says:

    The first half of the season was wonderful and it looked as though we were headed to a Division title and top 4 seed. But D-WIll hurt his wrist, and the Jazz slid into the All-star break. After that they simply imploded with the resignation of Sloan and trade of D-Will. Apparently it had been brewing for a while, and IMO the Sloan/D-Will pissing match likely was affecting the locker room and players performance. So, yeah, it was a disappointing season, but not without good reason. Things were looking up towards the end of the season and I feel confident about next year. Hey, at least we’re not as bad as the Kings or T-Wolves. What’s their excuse?

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