What’s Next for Paul Millsap?

April 8th, 2011 | by Jeff Lind

Michael Brandy, Deseret News

[Editor’s note: With the recent acquisition of D. Favors, the Jazz are suddenly flush with big men. Guest writer Nick Smith asks where Paul Millsap fits into the rebuilding Utah Jazz… or if he fits in at all.]

In 2006, the Jazz took a second round gamble with their 47th pick and selected an undersized PF in Paul Millsap.  Millsap had been, for the third consecutive year, the nation’s leading rebounder, but outside of his rebounding skills and high motor, Millsap came into the league with much to work on.  However, in his 5 years with the Jazz, Millsap has done everything the organization has asked him to do and has been a complete pro.  Paul made strides in his game every single year and has become one of the more offensively skilled bigs in the NBA.  He possesses great guard skills, a nose for the ball, and has a Kevin-Garnett-smooth jumper that he can hit from virtually anywhere on the floor.  But there is one thing Paul Millsap does not have and that’s size.  You can’t stop the heart of a lion, but you can stop a power forward who stands only 6 feet 7 inches tall.

Millsap waited patiently for Carlos Boozer’s departure for his chance to be a starter, and this year he got that chance.  Paul has missed only 6 games all year, and has played extremely hard. Still, evaluating the quality of this season for Paul is very difficult.  Was this actually a good year for Millsap? Looking at the stats, this season looks like a staggering success. By most measures he had the type of production that nearly all teams hope for from their starting power forward.  In 72 games, Paul averaged 34.3 MPG, 17.4 PPG, 7.7 RPG, and 2.4 APG while shooting a very effective 53.1% from the field 33.3% from three.  Still, Millsap’s lack of size was exposed on a nightly basis (see Demarcus Cousins’ performance from Sunday), and despite his significant increase in minutes, Paul still needs 5 additional offensive rebounds in Utah’s last three games to avoid his all-time career season low for that statistic. That’s a stunning fact for a man who’s mantra has always been to out-work anyone who stepped inside the paint.

Considering that Paul has been playing against the biggest and the best big men in the NBA, he has done a nice job (especially when you remember the lack of help from forever-ailing Mehmet Okur), but on February 23rd everything changed for the Jazz. Jazz General Manager Kevin O’Connor shocked the NBA by silently pulling the trigger and dealing one of the league’s premier point guards from the Jazz and changing the entire face of the roster.  O’Connor and the rest of the Jazz brass decided that they would not let their best player walk for no return. The Jazz had a generalist “big man” in Paul Millsap but with Williams departure, they suddenly had a specialist power forward in Derrick Favors. Standing at a legit 6’10 with a wingspan and vertical leap that puts even Bill Walton at a loss for words, Derrick Favors became the future of this organization.  Just a few nights ago he stood toe to toe with the length of the Lakers, and for the first time in years, the Jazz could challenge LA in the paint.  So, if Derrick is the future for this team, what do the Jazz do with Paul Millsap? That’s the (multi)million dollar question.

It’s no secret that the Jazz have already realized they have a logjam.  The team has started talking about and playing Millsap at the small forward position.  This seems to be a perfect scenario to make room for Derrick Favors while keeping Millsap’s production on the floor, but sorry Jazz fans, I just don’t see it happening.  When I think of a small forward, I think of a shooter with range, a quick release on his shot, and an ability to beat other guards off the dribble.  When I think of Paul Millsap’s game, I don’t think of any of these things.  Why spend time trying to fit a round peg into a square hole if there are other options for Paul? Here are the options that face the Jazz:

Option 1: Express to Millsap that he is a leader of the team and the intangibles he brings are greatly needed, but he needs to go back to coming off of the bench.  The Jazz need Millsap to be the third big, the Lamar Odom, the guy who comes in and dominates against other teams’ bench players inside the paint lines like he used to.  Paul Millsap is an average starting power forward in this league, but he is one of the best, if not the best third big man in the NBA.

Option 2: If Millsap is not pleased with option one, the Jazz owe it to him to move him to a place where he will get what he wants.  His trade value has never been higher and the Jazz could use this value to address other issues on their roster by building a deal centered on Millsap.  Millsap, coupled with one or two of the many draft picks and young players the Jazz have, would likely be enough to reel in a dynamic wing player that the Jazz desperately need.  Imagine a frontline of Al Jefferson and Derrick Favors that is complemented with a tantalizing wing player like Danny Granger, Andre Igoudala, or  Jamal Crawford.  Utah could then use one of their remaining future picks for a guy like Kenneth Faried or Tristan Thompson to replace (I hate that word) Millsap’s rebounding and energy in the paint to become the new third big.  And for the really optimistic Jazz fan, one could even make an argument that between Memo’s return and the Jazz’s rights to the 7’2 Croatian Ante Tomic, the Jazz could have a high supply of serviceable bigs, even without Paul.

Paul Millsap embodies everything that’s good about the NBA. Off the court he’s a class act, and on the court he’s very tough, plays through injuries, and leaves it all on the table every night. Even though Coach Sloan isn’t with the team anymore, I still love to use the following term when describing players like Millsap; he’s a Jerry Sloan type guy.  It’s no secret why the fans love him, why the organization loves him, and why the only Jazz jersey I own is #24.  Hopefully the Jazz can manage this issue with a simple rotation change, but depending on how well that goes over with Paul, I’m here to warn you Jazz fans: Millsap’s days here in Utah may be numbered.

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  1. u2despain says:

    Very nice article. I believe something has to be done with Millsap as well. I hope he will take the position to come off the bench to lead this team, but time will tell. With a pending lockout who knows when we even see this team on the floor again. Nice article.

  2. Jeff says:

    I think Paul will be moved. For better or worse, after finally getting starters minutes he’s pretty territorial over them. If the Jazz could really get a solid wing, I don’t see how they DON’T trade him. Especially after the way Favors played in LA and against the Blazers. His upside is enormous, and it’s starting to show through.

    Great post, Nick.

  3. fourlife says:

    I totally agree that Millsap at the three is not going to work. Paul’s stock is high right now. Here is my trade scenario for Paul this offseason- Paul and CJ’s expiring (assuming that the Jazz pick up his last year) and a future pick (if needed) for Danny Granger. We get a wing who can consistently put up 20+ a night. Indiana gets a great power forward to play along side Hibbert, and a wing in CJ who could help fill the void of scoring from the wing if Granger leaves. This allows Indiana to develop some of their younger wing players as well.

  4. MikeyB says:

    Paul has been a fantastic player for the Jazz and I have loved having him on the team. However, Paul is not the player that will take the Jazz to the next level. I think the need for a dynamic wing outweighs the Jazz need for Paul coming off the bench fulfilling the same roll he had when Boozer was here. Would that role be nice, absolutely. But, I don’t foresee a bunch of free agents lining up to play in Utah. If the Jazz want to get better they must continue to be willing to give up good players in trades to fulfill other legitimate and more desperate needs.

  5. A millsap man says:

    Paul has been our most consistent player all season. He needs to stay, remember the miami miracle? No matter his size this guy has serious talent and continues to improve every season. We need a strong leader on this team as we rebuild and Paul is that guy. Plus he is by far the toughest guy on our roster.
    Very well written article.

  6. Spankdog says:

    It’s always a tough discussion to have as life as Jazz fans evolve. For years we yearned for Boozer to be the Millsap he was supposed to be. Our “Serentity Now” came from Millsap providing us with exciting play and dominance that promised the franchise possibly the next Louisiana Tech cornerstone of the Jazz. If we remember, years of hard work provided pivotal for the Legend, Myth, and Icon Malone. It’s painful to think Millsap may have to leave, but it’s evident the Jazz have needs and Favors has potential you have to ride. Glad I’m not, even though I wish I was, in charge of the Jazz staffing issues.

  7. Cory says:

    Why are people so skeptical about playing Paul at the three? Why can’t we be different and have other teams adjust to our roster instead of saying Millsap isnt quick enough to guard other teams threes? Make other adjust to our lineup and have Millsap punish other teams small forwards in the paint.

  8. Emily Franson says:

    Nice insights Nick. I agree with the size issue, but really like Milsap and the energy he brings. Like how you laid out the options, will be interesting to watch and see…

  9. Diana says:

    I think Millsap needs to go to the bench. He just gets burned against other big starters. I love millsap and hope he stays a Jazz man. but it needs to be off the bench.

    If he can’t accept that which part of me thinks he won’t since he said he doesn’t want to come off the bench earlier in the year, trade him for a shooter!

  10. dustie says:

    I feel like you hit this nail right on the head. He just isn’t big enough. An amazing player, but 6’9″ cannot compete with the bigs in the league. You look at the lower eschalon teams in the league and even then you see 2-4 guys on each team that can light up the scoreboard from beyond the arc. Who do we have? Millsap once a year in a “Miami Miracle”? Raja Bell? Ak-47? Haaaaaa! I think not. As much as I love Millsap, I would l prefer a player who can consistently hit from the outside. What you’re seeing Favors do is actually quite amazing. The defenders have no reason to stay out on their man if they’re on the perimeter. He’s able to convert with traffic. Imagine how much better he could be with his great footwork if the defense is forced to respect a Granger or a Curry from the outside. Same goes for Big Al. I hope to read more thought provoking articles like this one. Nice work Nick!

  11. Lindsay says:

    While its hard to fit Millsap into the squished front line of the Jazz…. would be sick to see him gone. Once they announced DWill’s trade I thought, “At least Paul’s still here.” Great to see Jefferson and Favors have done well the second half and last few games of the season, but I hope their intentions are to stick around in Utah for a long time to come. We know Paul is willing…but are they? Good insights Nick…I’m impressed with your skills :)

  12. mbeezy says:

    Great article. I liked how you broke down the options facing the organization. I believe option 2 makes the most sense for both Millsap and the Jazz. He demands some pretty good trade value right now.

  13. toddam says:

    I agree that we have to confront this issue with Millsap but I think we have to be careful. The team seems to be battling depression in the fourth quarter on a nightly basis and although trades can look good on paper the instability and the lack of identity seems to be takings its toll on the team. On the other hand, although we all love Millsap, he is not helping us with our problems on defense and we have serious issues at other positions on the roster. If it wasn’t for his professionalism and hard work over the years we would probably all be ready to kick him out the door after this year because on paper he has basically been a “new look” Boozer without the radio talk shows. So basically I’m saying I have no idea what the solution is but I guess KOC probably isn’t going to be calling me up for my opinion anyway so no worries.

  14. Andy Bailey says:

    Nice work Nick! While my heart wants Millsap to be able to fit in at the three spot, we all know you’re right about that idea. It would be a nice consolation for us Jazz fans to see him reprise his role as sixth-man. And in that role, he could play the three in spots.

    I’d hate to see him go in a trade, but they probably could get a solid two or three for him and a one or two other assets.

    Anyway, like I said… Nice work! Great article!

  15. nsmith says:

    Overall I agree with the arguments. I do wonder is absence of the entire team being injured this year, and DWill giving up, if complemented with a solid team how much better would Paul be? He’s not Michael Jordan who can carry the whole load, but when the opponent is forced to deal with him as one of many weapons he can kill you. Every player becomes more dangerous when surronded by other weapons – the question is the degree to which Paul or anyone else can benefit from his peers. Paul could use a solid outside threat to help keep the defense honest, he benefits from AK’s defense when he’s able to plan, etc. So I’m not sure it’s totally about Paul getting put up against the bigs on the other team that has caused his slide – as much as it is not having legitimate starters and solid role players out on the court with him.

  16. D_Hug says:

    awesome article. I agree that Paul at the 3 is not a good solution. I love his heart and ethic and would be thrilled if we can keep him coming off the bench as our 3rd big. Can you say “6th man of the year”? Unfortunately, as others have mentioned, he may not be willing to come off the bench again after 1 short year of starting. The silver lining is that if we do end up trading him, he is a HUGE trade chip. His stock is up and since his contract was so heavily front loaded, that majority of the money owed to him has already been paid and he would be a bargain for any team out there.

  17. Kal says:

    Love Paul Millsap, so it sucks to hear about his possibly short future with the Jazz. Very insightful article with a lot of valid points pertaining to what the Jazz need in order to take it to the next level and be a playoff contending team. With the young talent that we have on the Jazz right now, dealing Millsap looks like it would be a smart move to get a solid wing player. Millsap coming off the bench would be ideal, but he has worked hard to earn a starting spot, which he deserves, and doubt he would want to take a bench role again. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  18. nosluffin says:

    Loved the article and love Milsap. Keep up the great writing.

  19. AndyPants says:

    Well written. Tough to swallow because Paul will forever have a “starting” place in the hearts of loyal Jazz fans, especially because he has out played his starting expectations. The truth is he needs to come off the bench if we ever want a chance at a title in the future. There is no question that he has earned a starting position, but the nice thing about Paul is the fact that he is a team player and will do whatever it takes to help out the team. To move Paul back to the role of a “secret weapon” off of the bench could easily work as a momentum shifter in tight situations, and that alone is as valuable as any player could be to any organization. I appreciated the positive reality check that this article brought to the table.

  20. jzzfan says:

    Very good article. This decision the Jazz face will be every bit as crucial as drafting well. I vote option 2. I love Milsap, but a wing player would give us more than what Millsap would off the bench.

    Great read!

  21. Lambert says:

    I feel like Millsap it the classic tweener in size, offensive skill and all around game. Rebounding wise he’s no Rodman, AC Green, or Ben Wallace, yet he’s much more crafty offensively yet he’s not a Charles Barkley. If he could score more off the dribble or hit the 3 ball he would be essentially a poor mans Lamar Odom or Robert Horry even. He is going to have to assume an off the bench roll, which really rarely works out, or become strictly a banger inside. I would say for all the hard work he has done with the Jazz he deserves a trade to a team that will let him explore his game a little more. Even if it meant a smaller market, sub .500 team, the Clippers come to mind. At any rate, he is going to be forced into a roll he most likely will not like, but then again isn’t that kind of his thing?

  22. Big Mike says:

    If the Jazz are satisfied Memo will return and either Fes or the big guy from Europe are serviceable big men, then the Jazz can afford to move Paul Millsap. Having a killer at the three position would make this team dangerous. The problem with the option which requires Millsap to come off the bench is, as the author of this fine article correctly observes, is he (Millsap) has waited several years to be a starter, and the Jazz are paying him starter money. I am not sure he will continue to over achieve if he is bumped BACK to a reserve role. Even if he plays at the end of the game, I don’t think such a move will sit well with him at this point in his career.
    Keep up the good work on the articles. This one raises a great question and does a very good job of providing the possible answers.

  23. Todd5507 says:

    Great Article Nick! As much as I hate to say it, I think option B is the best for the Jazz in the long run. I would love to see if Portland is still interested in Millsap, and work something out for Mathews and a little something more (The Jazz can use the already very good defense that comes with Mathew developing offense) I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision.

  24. Jen Mustoe says:

    Good article, and I’m not really even a b-ball fan.

  25. Zach says:

    I agree! After watching the last couple weeks the writing is on the wall, Favors is the future! He can be a dominant 4 but is too small to play the 5. I love the idea of millsap being a sixth man, but it depends on him being willing to accept the roll. If not they need to move him. I love him but if they keep him as the starter next year I think it will only be hindering the progress of the team!

  26. Jcash says:

    Great Analysis. Millsap has earned all of our love and respect. He’s been consistent and he plays his heart out every night. After Sloan and D-Will he was the one that I turned to. I would hate to see him go, but I feel that it is the best option. I would love to see him thrive in a team that suits him best.

    Awesome work Nick!

  27. ryanjtay says:

    This article makes a good point. Personally, I’d like to see the Jazz keep Paul around. He’s not necessarily a superstar in any one position but he’s versatile and I think he brings a lot of intangibles to the team.

  28. Kngofswng (Blar) says:

    I say trade Millsap for Lebron – both teams would improve and I heard Lebron loves Cafe Rio (who doesn’t?). Anyways, nice article. Good to hear an objective viewpoint despite being what sounds like a die hard Jazz fan.

  29. Clay says:

    This is a great article. Man, I would REALLY hate to see Paul go, but I think it is bound to happen. I agree that he probably can’t beat many 3’s off the dribble, even though his drive to the hole through the key with the sweet finish (in the 2nd quarter I think) against the Trailblazers was incredible. The only thing that keeps my hopes up with the fear of losing Paul is Favors’ monster dunk against the Lakers!!! Great job!

  30. My Dad's Mayor! says:

    Your reasoning is solid Nick and those options you mentioned both make sense. I hope its option #1 because I think that it would be great to keep Millsap. I think he might be okay coming off the bench. He is a team player, and wants to do what’s best for the team even if that means coming off the bench. He doesn’t have a huge ego so he might be okay being a bench player again. Also, though we do need a wing player, Hayward is looking like he could eventually become that person, just like Favors could become our power forward. Millsap is a good player, and if he doesn’t want to come off the bench, its completely understandable. But hopefully he can do what Lamar Odom does for the Lakers.

  31. Melissa says:

    Good article. I am one of those fans who thinks Millsap can do no wrong. I would be absolutely heart-broken if they trade him. I think you are right about your two options. however I like to think Paul would be just fine coming off the bench and definitely being a contender for 6th man of the year. I think he is happy in Utah, but i also though Deron would stay here forever… so who knows? At least we will always have Fes and his sweet wristbands! haha

  32. Pat says:

    This was a very well written and researched article by Nick Smith. He raised some very good points and made a lot of sense. However, in my opinion the Jazz are destined to be a mediocre team for the next several years. Ever since they lost Carl Malone, John Stockton, Thurl Bailey and several other stars (in addition to the loss of their former owner Larry Miller and coach Sloan) the Jazz have not been the same powerhouse team that they once were.

    Maybe what they need is a general manager who can initiate some trades and/or draft young players who can bring the club up from the ashes (hmm…maybe they should consider a move to PHOENIX) and become legitimate contenders again. I am not sure this will be an easy task because I don’t think potential star players feel that Utah is a place where they will received their due attention, publicity, and notoriety. Salt Lake City does not have the drawing power that other cities such as Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, et al. have. Thus, I don’t feel that they can compete and attract the talented players as the aforementioned cities can and do.

    By no means am I an expert on the Utah Jazz. I have been a fan of theirs since I lived in Utah and still root for them today. Currently I live in Oregon and do cheer on the Blazers, but my favorite team will always be the Lakers. Not because they are a great team but because I grew up listening to Chick Hearn call their games and was in LA when they won 33 straight games. I still have the 33 1/3 record that was sold as a memento of this record breaking achievement.

  33. Joe says:

    As things stand right now I would like to see Milsap and spare parts(#12 pick?) traded to the Cavs/(wolves?) provided they get the #1 pick in this years draft. Pick up Kyrie Irving at 1 and see if Barnes/Jones/Jimmer is available at 6. This would plug every single hole the Jazz have right now.

    The thought of Irving driving the lane and dishing to Favors/Jefferson or kicking out a pass to a legit outside threat when the defense collapses is fun.

  34. Dignan says:

    HUGE, Nick! Great article.
    Millsap has given the Jazz fan base every quality we swore was “all we expected” in a player. Now, within weeks of receiving the shinny new Favors, we are ready to bench him, trade him, or reposition him without anything other than a few “sports tears”. (myself included)
    It’s a business. Right. I don’t care. That is such a cop out. If that is our “business” model here in Utah, we REALLY are going to be the waste land in NBA player’s eyes.
    At this point let me reiterate; I think Favors and Al need to start as our bigs. If that is not understood we would have an even worse problems as a fan base.
    Why the fear of Paul on the court at the same time as Al and Favors? With an EXTREMELY limited time to adjust to the position he has willingly played some experienced 3’s, continued to rebound & score from an adjusted place on the court, and defensively has been as strong as any 3 we have save AK.
    To me it wouldn’t make any sense to get rid of a guy who has, 1) done everything he has been asked to do, 2) has developed his game every year, and 3) has shown an ability and willingness to play the 3, before we give him a shot to do it. Give him an off-season and half of next season before we decide what he can or can’t do.
    I think Paul will slim down, develop his lateral defense, and become a top 10 SF in the league.
    Again, great article.

  35. Jts22 says:

    Good look Nick.

    Firstly, If Paul can not only accept, but embrace his role coming off the bench to lead the second squad (ala Lamar Odom) I see no reason why he can’t fit into the program in the future in an exciting and effective way.

    And second, sure, it’s just business. That’s how every other franchise in the league runs their organization. That’s the one thing that differentiated Larry H from other owners- he found a balance between the business and showing loyalty to the talent he found. It created a great culture between the players and the fans. He’s a fun player and a class act. I would like to see him stay.

  36. BillM says:

    The Granger trade works salarywise. I’m not sure Indiana does it, although Paul does have one of the best contracts in the NBA, which is actually a big reason NOT to trade him.

    Who knows if KOC tried this, but the trade that could’ve worked was during last season: AK for Iguodala/bench player to make the salaries match. Philly certainly wouldn’t trade Iggy now except maybe for Durant or Griffin. The Jazz may have been concerned about the length of Iggy’s contract and he improved hugely this year. AK, valuable (and frail) as he is, should’ve been traded long ago. Painful lesson in sunk cost for the Jazz, but Larry could never get over those 5×5 games.

    Joe, why in the world would the Cavs or Wolves trade the #1 pick to us for Millsap & the #12???

  37. Whitemancan says:

    Nice article…good insights, I think Dennis Rodman was about 6′ 7″ and his rebounding and a pink boa got him into the Hall. Rebounding is heart and Millsap has a huge one

  38. GKF says:

    I agree it would be nice to keep Millsap on the Jazz as a third big coming off the bench in the Lamar Odom role but that is just not going to happen. Because he is to good to keep on the bench therefore taking minutes away from Favors and as it has been noted you can not be a great team with Paul as your four man. Love the guy and what he brings but it is time to trade him. My dream scenarios are
    Option 1
    You hope Portland still wants him to play along side Aldridge and you trade Millsap, Bell, and the Number 5 pick )or whatever it is) in this years draft for Brandon Roy. This is a huge risk too because you are hoping Roy can return to his form before the injury.
    If Portland would not do this i would look to get Wes Mathews back but i would not trade the high pick for Wes.
    Two other guys that i would like to try and get are if Roy and Wes can’t get done are Danny Granger or Kevin Martin.
    Millsap and a top five pick is pretty good i feel we can get something great back for that.

  39. Layne says:

    Well Partner, I think you have hit this right on. I think I disagree with most of the other posts on here. I think the Jazz should hang on to Millsap for now, with the idea to trade him heading into next summer. Four reasons: First, Favors is clearly not ready to start on a regular basis. He needs some time and who better to learn from than someone who works as hard as Paul. Second, with a possible lockout coming I wouldn’t make any drastic changes yet. The structure of the league could change immensely this summer. Hold on to an asset like Paul (reasonable contract, great player) when others may be forced to part with top tier players. Third, I’m not sold on any of the wing players that may be available right now. There is no need to rush- wait for a bit and see who becomes available around the trade deadline next year. Fourth, with a top five pick they can end up with someone like Williams from AZ or Barnes from UNC- big athletic forwards who can shoot the three and play D (Lamar Odom). Then they can trade Paul for a PG instead of a wing or a big center who can rotate with Big Al and Favors.
    I say wait until after the draft, at least, but really go into next season with Paul as the starting 4 and look for a team to trade with before the trade deadline next year. This team isn’t going to win anything next year anyways- too much youth and too many holes.

    Excellent article buddy.

  40. Darryn says:

    If Favors is the future, Millsap will need to be traded. Some want to use Ginobli as an example of a starter who went to the bench for the team. The problem using that is he still gets over 35 min a game because the starter isn’t playing a lot of minutes. How are you going to give Millsap starter minutes without cutting into Favors’ or someone else who should also get starters minutes? Plus, as long as Millsap is here, Favors will look over his shoulder if he makes mistakes or get into foul trouble with any regularity. That won’t be good for his development.

  41. Bloodshy says:

    Keep Paul for 2 reasons:

    (1) He may yet develop as a 3. He’s never been given the chance to develop his 3 game. He’s always been viewed as a 4 and asked to play the 4. Give him this offseason and see how he looks in that role. Last year he showed flashes of 3-play that I haven’t seen before. Considering his work ethic, I could see him developing a real 3 game if given the opportunity.

    (2) He can get near “starter” minutes as our 3rd big if he stays at the 4. The team has 96 starter minutes to distribute each game. If the starters average 33 each, that leaves 30 for Milsap or others. Just don’t rotate the 4 & 5 at the same time. Milsap is the best #3 big in the league, has a reasonable salary and is a class act all around.

    We should trade Paul if he wants to be traded or if we could get a near straight-up trade for an elite wing like Ellis or Granger (highly unlikely).

  42. bill says:

    i don’t understand all the talk of millsap coming off thr bench. trading him maby to get a wing. but with the roster they have now who replaces him?favors has done nothing to show he will ever be abel to replace him, so what bench him to start favors? just incase one day he will be good? either way if they trade him or bench him they just lost 50 percent of the team with williams another 40 with millsap not much to work with next year. hold the ball al still plays like a rookie and not a very good one favors done great against cousins and a rookie who hasen’t played in two years kanter. good luck with that.

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