You Get What You Pay For

March 16th, 2011 | by K.Malphurs

The Jazz backcourt this year was terrible even before trading Deron Williams. Raja Bell has been an unquestionable failure as a starting shooting guard. The team has invested the majority of their resources (most notably cash) to the frontcourt by paying Millsap, Jefferson and Okur. They went for size and tried to manage the shooting guard position on the cheap. Instead of paying Kyle Korver $5M a year they signed Raja Bell for  $3M a year. Instead of matching the Blazers offer for Wes Matthews the Jazz went out and signed someone like Earl Watson.

I decided to do some analysis by looking at what guards left last year’s team compared to some of the current options. The former Jazz players make about twice as much as the current Jazz backcourt options. They are twice as expensive, but have produced more than three times as many wins. Below is a chart comparing the former players with the current players:

When looking at Raja Bell play what Jazz fan can’t help but think of how much better the team would be with Matthews, Korver or Brewer. Instead of Ronnie Price missing shot after shot as the backup point guard, the Jazz could have at least had Eric Maynor provide a little more value. The Jazz had the options, but decided to do things cheaply, and that could be one of the reasons why this season has gone so poorly. For the Jazz they didn’t get what they paid for – they got less.


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  1. Zack Mickelsen says:

    This article reads like it was written by a sophomore in a high school journalism class. No flow what so ever. Is this what passes as media these days? I found this link off of Glad I’m not paying for it. This is a perfect example of why the internet is a poor and sad substitute for newspapers. The next generation is in serious trouble.

  2. James says:

    I’m usually opposed to haters, but I’ve got to agree with Zack. I agree with the article, but the writing is just horrible. Even by blog standards.

  3. Dan Fitz says:

    Its not that the Jazz are cheap, its how they spend the money. Dont forget they are paying 17.5 mill for Kirilenko, who is marginal. And they signed/matched on Milsap. Which was money very well spent. The problem is there statisical department. It is obvious they don’t know how to value players. They could of signed brewer for 4 million per. . He signed for something like that in Chicago. And according to WP, a measure from David Berri, he is a very productive player. The NBA overvalues scoring over things like rebounding/steals/blocks/assists/etc. See the NY Knicks. About .500 since the trade , versus the Nuggets, 9 and 3. They have to get a stats department going in the front office if you ask me. So they can determine appropriate value for players. Korver isnt that great by the way. THe other stupid signing was ,matching for CJ Miles. He has never produce and never has produced according to the WP measure. Why they matched on him I will never know. And tell Corbin to give Fesenko some time. Seven foot two, athletic and he never gets any real burn. Okay i will shut up for now

  4. Jon says:

    One thing you don’t consider is that the Jazz are already in the luxury tax so any extra money they would have spent on those 4 guys would have cost the team double. So while it only looks like $8 million extra for those players, it is really a whopping $16 million extra. That’s a pretty large difference.

  5. Kevin Malphurs says:

    Jon – good point. The luxury tax is something I should have brought up.

  6. lostinnihon says:

    I really enjoy this site – living in Tokyo makes finding news and commentary on The Jazz a little hard to come by. Kevin, thanks for your analysis. Kind of crappy comments from Zack and James, though. I want to hear about the Jazz, not literary analysis from a couple of malcontents. I personally enjoy your writing.

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